On writing for actual money

You lot all know I like to write. I write blogposts, reviews, short stories, long stories, entire novels, anything. Whatever catches my fancy. I`ve done so for years, not only on this blog but also in school and projects and just for fun. This blog is mostly just for fun as well (definitely not because of the attention I`m getting, with my 5-views-per-post).

So when the local newspaper ran an ad that they were looking for freelance writers, I signed up. Of course I did.

I got a response back pretty quickly as well, was invited for an interview, and off I went. The interview went great, they were very enthusiastic, and my information would be send through to another colleague so I could get a test assignment. If I did that one well, I`d become a correspondent for them and write articles on a regular basis for some money. It wouldn`t be much money, but I`d get a tiny bit at least, and just the thought of getting paid for writing while also getting some work experience and general new experiences was really exciting.

And then I didn`t hear from them for about two months.

I gave up on them, as I do with all companies that I don`t hear from anymore (I`ve tried calling some of these companies, and was generally not received well so I quickly gave up on that).

Then this week, I suddenly got an e-mail. As it turned out, the e-mail with my contact information had gotten lost in a different folder and wasn`t found until then, and was I still interested perhaps? (spoiler alert: I was)

So here I am, I`m currently writing my test assignment (4000 characters on a local yearly event) and finding out this really is a lot harder than it looks. Usually when I write, there are no real deadlines, there are no minimum or maximum requirements in length, I don`t have to wait for people to answer my questions (just to have them send me one sentence per question when I finally do get an answer).

And as much as I may whinge and moan about it, especially on Twitter, in all honesty?

I love it.

I might not know if I`ll get accepted as a correspondent for them, I might not know if I`ll still love it when I`ve been writing articles for a longer time, but for now? I am loving this challenge.

Now excuse me while I try to get some more characters in this article while still having it make sense and still not having heard from the organisers of the event. 

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