BBC mini-series In The Flesh: BDFFs (Best Dead Friends Forever)


Being unemployed, I spend a large part of my time consuming media of some sort. Movies, documentaries, articles, tv-series, you name it. Most of the time, it`s case of “watch/read and move on”, often even forgetting I`ve seen it or what it was actually about.

But sometimes? Sometimes I come across something that really grabs me, something that stays with me, where the characters will still roam around in my head.

The day before yesterday I came across one of these gems. There`s a BBC mini-series called “In The Flesh”, it`s only 9 hour-long episodes spread over 2 seasons, with mostly unknown actors. It`s plot is about zombies being reintegrated into society.

And it`s mind-bogglingy good.

The story is about Kieren Walker, a PDS sufferer (Partially Deceased Syndrom sufferer) who is declared cured enough to go back to his hometown, the fictional Roarton, Lancashire. Here, he finds that things are even more tough than expected – there is blatant prejudice and discrimination towards PDS sufferers, Kieren`s little sister Jem is part of the Human Volunteer Force and has fought rabid (untreated) PDS sufferers and ended up with PTSD, his parents are struggling not just with Kieren`s PDS but also with the suicide that got him dead in the first place.

This story is a whole new take on the zombie genre. It`s no standard “zombie apocalypse with slow-walking grunting zoms everywhere that need to be shot”, there is no standard “society has fallen and every man fights for himself” story. Instead, we get a continuation of society, we get very real-life human stories and the different ways people deal with what happens to them.

There are themes of discrimination, segregation, PTSD, belonging, finding your own place, being proud of who you are, sexuality (Kieren is gay/bi/pan – nothing`s confirmed aside from not-straight), depression/suicide, radicalism, and even extremist politics and terrorism.

The story is extremely well-written, save for some plotholes or seemingly forgotten plotlines here and there. But the characters – and I do mean every character – are well-rounded, they all have their own 3 dimensional characters and backgrounds and ways of responding to everything that`s happened and still happening. The cinematography is stunning, making good use of the gloomy surroundings of a small village in northern England. There is immense focus on details, right up to “PDS friendly” hotels in Europe.

Basically? I cried almost every episode, everything hurts and everything is great and everyone should watch this show so I can properly rant with people.

Rant over.

No wait it`s not. Here`s the thing: this show is amazing, it`s new, it makes everything hurt in all the right ways. And it might be discontinued. BBC3, the channel that aired In The Flesh, is being cancelled due to budgetary restraints. It`s moving online, but it`s not certain if BBC3 can take all their shows with them online. And In The Flesh is one of the shows in danger of being cancelled, due to low viewers ratings.

So, if you`re interested in this show, please do go watch it. And if you can, make sure you watch it on BBC iPlayer or On Demand, to get those viewers ratings up. Share this show, get other people to watch it as well. Have it on in the background while you do something else. Talk about it online (using the hashtags #intheflesh and #saveintheflesh). Let the BBC and The Powers That Be know that you appreciate this show and want to see more of it. Because shows like this one are rare and precious and should be saved.

Also I want to see more Sad Zombie Boyfriends.

Let`s do this, everyone!

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6 Responses to BBC mini-series In The Flesh: BDFFs (Best Dead Friends Forever)

  1. bethanyldean says:

    This sounds like a really good show.. i like how its portrayed differently to stereotypical zombie movies and tv shows. I love watching new shows so ill definitely give it a go and see what i think. If i do get into it, it would be a shame to see it get cancelled when bbc3 goes online so i would definitely tell everyone to watch it also to get the ratings up! xxx

    • kojitmal says:

      It is such a good show, I`m still looking up clips and the like (there`s a couple on YouTube, though not much). Let me know what you think when you`ve seen it! And thanks for the help in getting the ratings up 🙂 would be great if one day this show would be on the main bbc channel, wouldn`t it.

      • bethanyldean says:

        I will do hun going to watch the first episode later after some post scheduling 🙂 no doubt ill get addicted and have them all watched by tomorrow haha. Aw it would be actually!

      • kojitmal says:

        haha it is very addictive indeed, be careful! Only took me one day to watch it all, I just semi-marathoned my way through it until suddenly it was 1.30 am and I was crying. Have fun though!

      • bethanyldean says:

        I cant find season 1 on iplayer so just looking for another website now. That will definitely be me tonight haha 🙂

      • kojitmal says:

        ah yeah for some reason they only have the last episode of season 2 on iplayer, which is silly really. But everything else can be found easily through sites like or I had to do this anyway since I`m not in the UK or US, but a lot of social media attention will be good too (and I`m probably buying the dvd anyway, no idea if it helps but I`m doing it anyway because this series is magnificent and I want to phsyically own it).

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