Movie review: X-Men Days of Future Past

*some spoilers inside! Enter at own risk


Yesterday afternoon, after an interview for a freelance job (that I might actually get, though nothing`s settled yet), I decided to use this opportunity to go to the new X-Men movie. 

Now like I`ve said before, I`ve always loved the X-Men. They`re my first superhero love, even if I know surprisingly little about the X-Men world for someone who grew up with it. Still, suffice to say I`ve been excited about this film for a very, very long time now. 

This new film is a bit of a strange one. It`s both a sequel, a reboot, and has its own storyline as well. With the combination of the “old” cast and the “new/young” cast, sort-of separated by two timelines running parallel to each other -and occasionally crossing-, this is a whole new concept that took some getting used to when I first heard of it. 

Let`s get some of the more negative commentary out of the way before I continue telling you how great this film is: I thought it was a bit predictable. There weren`t a lot of plot twists and turns around. Then again, I suppose you can`t do too much of those when you`re trying to make sure people are keeping track of two timelines at once. Still, that did annoy me a bit. 

Another ambiguous part was its absolute reliance on the previous films. While you can watch the Wolverine films and X-Men: First Class mostly as stand-alones, for DOFP you definitely need to know what happened in both the original trilogy and First Class. While this is great for people like me who know what happened anyway and who thoroughly enjoy this kind of reliance on the previous films, it`s not a good movie for beginners who are only just stepping into the X-Men world. 

And finally*, having two storylines at once in two different times and having everything so intricately linked and connected to everything else can get confusing at times. I did get confused once or twice, though to be honest? Considering how easily confused I get, they really did very well. 

Onwards to the good parts! I`ll skip the general “this movie is great” parts and go towards some specifics: 

Firstly, I absolutely love Quicksilver (as does, apparently, everyone else). I thought he was a very amusing and refreshing character and he definitely deserves to get more screentime in future films. Some of his scenes are the most amusing in the entire film, and he was a welcome change from the more serious, slightly grumpy main characters. I`m sure, especially considering his current popularity, that we`ll be seeing a lot more of him. 

Maybe we can even get him a film of his own one day? After all, I`m surely not the only one who loves Wolverine to bits but wouldn`t mind seeing other characters get their share of the limelight by now? I personally  would also absolutely love a Storm film. 

After all, with essentially the entire franchise reset (while simultaneously continuing, it`s complicated, don`t ask), this movie opens so many possibilities for future movies. I can see new characters coming in, old characters coming back, whole new storylines, and some very interesting discussions on how much things are indeed set in stone (or time).

I for one am very, very excited about all the new possibilities now. 

TL;DR brilliant movie, go watch it, and then come back and flail at me about how much you loved it. Deal? Deal. 

(*P.S. I could definitely say a lot more about how the entire film is about Moody White Men, a trope I`m definitely sick of seeing everywhere I look. But I might turn this into a separate blogpost and tackle media in general using X-Men as a reference. So just pointing out that I am massively disappointed with the sheer amount of white, grumpy men being the most important while all the coloured people and women are delegated to sidekicks. Kitty Pryde is literally just a tool, an object to make sure the men reach their goals and get their development. Not to mention all the sexual abuse scandals around director Bryan Singer. Fairly certain this movie also did not pass the Bechdel test, as the only two main female characters (“main” being used very liberally) are in separate timelines. This is especially ironic for a franchise that is literally about the discrimination of minority groups. Where are the minority groups?)


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