Thoughts on podcasts (or, really, one specific podcast)

Being the slow adapter that I am, there is a very long list of “things I did not expect to enjoy when I first heard of them”. There`s a slightly shorter list of “things I do enjoy, surprisingly”. And newly added to this list: podcasts.

No really, I always considered podcasts a strange thing I would never enjoy. I tried a while ago with Welcome to Night Vale, which I could simply not get in to, and I never really bothered with another podcast. Shame on me, I know. Like I said, I`m a slow adapter, and I`m aware of it. I very much have a tendency to scoff at everything new and declare it silly and useless without ever even trying, just to come around and declare it amazing (usually) after a while.

With podcasts though, a different issue also came up. Thing is: I`m very bad at just listening to things. I need something to do in the mean time, something that doesn`t take my attention away from the podcast. This may sound easy, but with a mind that literally does not ever shut up, this is tricky to say the least.

However, I found the perfect solution. As I may have mentioned in a previous post, I`ve taken to walking and cycling a lot. I also happen to have gotten somewhat bored with always just listening to music.

And then something came along on YouTube one day: a podcast called Hello Internet, by CGP Grey (known for his YouTube channel “CGP Grey”) and Brady Haran (mostly known for YouTube channels like Numberphile, and roughly a gazillion other channels apparently). They put the first ever episode up on YouTube, I listened to it at home while doing absolutely nothing, and fell asleep halfway through.

But I continued listening to it anyway, found out I could download  11 episodes on iTunes, so I put one or two of them on my music player and went outside, walking and cycling around aimlessly while listening to the podcast. (I`ve gotten lost once or twice because I was focusing on the podcast instead of which road I was going, so that`s been fun as well).

I`m now at episode 10, and with episodes regularly lasting over 90 minutes I think that says something about whether or not I like this show.

I think what I like the most so far, is the idea that with podcasts I can turn this hour-of-randomly-walking-for-the-sake-of-being-outside into something more educative and useful. It feels much less like I`m wasting my time by not doing anything when I`m outside besides just walking or cycling in circles through town. Which is silly anyway, considering the amount of time I waste at home, but the idea still stands. 

Right now Hello Internet is the only podcast I really listen to though, which means I`m on the lookout for other, interesting podcasts! I`m specifically looking for interesting podcasts on psychology and/or science, though I`m up for other suggestions too. Do any of you guys listen to podcasts? If so, do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know down in the comments!

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