Realkojitmal does Youtube: no, wait, I don`t

Consider this an official announcement of sorts: I am quitting my YouTube channel.

I have unlisted all of my videos for now, they`re all on private until I decide what I`m really going to do with it. I won`t be making a new video for at least a while either.

Aside from the facts (6 new subscribers in the last 365 days, getting 5 views on a new video in one week if I`m lucky), there`s also just a general feeling of dissatisfaction with it. I stopped liking my channel, I stopped liking my own video`s, I kept procrastinating on actually making videos. All enthusiasm and heart for it have gone away, quite a long time ago already.

It`s easy to say that making videos for a YouTube channel should be a hobby and the numbers don`t matter.  It`s all about making good content, right? Unfortunately, I am someone who needs that recognition, who needs to be told I`m doing things right every now and then, and with no one even watching the videos it`s also easy to get discouraged.

And if I`m really being honest? I`ve been feeling much better since I made this decision and acted on it. I`d been toying with the thought of doing this for such a long time, and the channel had become more of a burden than an enjoyment, and that`s just not worth the trouble.

I might, eventually, start a new channel. I do have a couple of ideas. But it`s still sometimes a good thing to recognise when a project is failing and to cut it off, give yourself some space to breathe. 

So for now, I`m going to focus on other things for a while. And by other things I mean spend all of my time on Tumblr like I`ve been doing the past year or so anyway. 

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