Short story: Raise Hell

Short story time! Something I wipped up based on the sky outside (see picture below, which is the exact view from where I sit in my room). Let me know what you guys think, and, enjoy?

Title: Raise Hell
Author: realkojitmal
Genre: horror/apocalypse
Word count: 602


“Hey Tommy, come look at this,” Ella nudged her older brother with her elbow, trying to make him look up from the game he`d been immersed in for several hours now.
“Not now, Els, I`m focussing. This ridge is really difficult. Go away”
“No really, look at this. The sky, it`s turning orange.” Tommy huffed, his arm twitching in annoyance. Ella saw his character drop off the ridge, then quickly ducked to avoid the controller that was thrown at her head. When she came back up, she saw Tommy looking at the window, his eyes and mouth wide open.
“Ella, get back down,”
Ella frowned, and started to object. “What, but why-“
But Tommy already reached for her arm while not losing sight of the sky outside. Ella`s ears were starting to hurt, and she could hear a strange noise growing louder outside.

Tommy pulled Ella down with him when he ducked, just as shards of the window started raining upon their backs. A loud screeching noise entered the room as everything started shaking around them. Ella pushed her hands on her ears, trying to block the sound, but it was too strong. She thought she heard screaming, though she wasn`t sure if it came from somewhere else or if it was her own voice. She did know it felt like a knife was stabbing her ear, and she could feel something wet seeping through her fingers and running down her arms.

Suddenly, the noise stopped.

Ella looked up to see Tommy staring back at her, blood streaming down his arms as well. She carefully got up, her back hurting. She could feel all the little pieces of glass in her skin as she moved, her clothes sticking to her back. Her breath was coming in ragged puffs, and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

The sky outside looked like it was on fire, with bright strips of purples and reds and yellows and orange mixed up and moving quickly. There were people on the street, screaming. Some were packing quickly gathered belongings in their cars, others had apparently driven off without anything. Ella could see the tire marks on the street everywhere. The neighbours` car came by, tires screeching as it rounded the corner at full speed. She saw smoke further ahead, and heard sirens going off everywhere.

A shadow passed over their house, and although Ella couldn`t see what was causing the shadow, she could it was very big and had wings, and it caused the neighbours across the street to drop all their belongings and run back into the house. Ella took a step backwards, bumping into Tommy who was watching the scene as well.

“We need to get out of here,” Tommy started. “Get somewhere safe, somewhere where there aren`t giant killing creatures flying around and the sky isn`t on fire.” His eyes were still frantically scanning the sky, never resting, his arm still on Ella`s.
“What if this is everywhere though, what if going outside is the stupid thing to do,” Ella countered, her eyes also still stuck on the sky. She was surprised at how calm and in control she felt. Probably shock, she figured. By all accounts she should be freaking out right now, yet somehow she wasn`t. “I definitely don`t feel like going outside with those creatures out there as well.” As she was saying this a car came flying past them, being held up by one giant claw. There were people – a family – inside, banging on the windows, begging for help. Ella gulped.

“You`re right, we`re staying in,” Tommy said finally.

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