Eurovision: a new kind of warfare

As posted yesterday, today is Liberation Day in the Netherlands, the day where we celebrate the end of WII and German occupation. It`s been almost 70 years since WWII ended, and in those years Europe has developed a slightly different kind of warfare.

Did you think war was over? Oh, no. We just disguised it with bad music, a passive aggressive voting system, and layers upon layers of glitter. And it all starts again tomorrow.

Wonder what I`m talking about? If you`re European, you`ll probably know by now. If not:

Welcome to the world of Eurovision Song Festival.

This is a world, where wars and old annoyances and skirmishes are fought out through the use of very, very bad songs. It`s tradition to make fun of everyone except your own country, and to vote for whichever country you like best generally instead of song-wise.

It`s not a coincidence that the Scandinavian countries have been winning, as they generally have a good reputation within the continent, and they all vote for each other anyway. Similarly, most countries will give their votes to the countries surrounding them that they like best.

Still, despite all of the blatant favouritism, it can be very amusing to watch Eurovision. The entries are, dare I say it, insane. Let me show you Romania`s entry from last year, one that me and some friends went around singing for literally months after the contest ended:

Or this interesting song from Greece, also from 2013, where they proclaim that Alcohol Is Free. This spawned a whole new meme on the internet as Greece had just received a large amount of money from Germany to prevent bankruptcy. (Alcohol sure is free when it`s paid for by another country!)

Then there`s this one from Finland in 2006. They won, by the way, and 16-year-old-me absolutely loved this performance:

Most entries for this year look very promising, too (look at Austria for example), and I for one can not wait until it all starts again.

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