100 (and 5) followers!

Hey everyone!

Remember that time last week or so when I promised I`d write a proper blogpost about reaching 100 followers? You do? Oh..well.

So I kind of may have forgotten about it one half of the time, and just ignored it the other half of the time.

The thing is, several aeons ago when I created this blog/vlog/twitter triangle thing, I made a promise to myself: once I reach 100 followers on any of my platforms (“any of my platforms” being WordPress and YouTube), I`m going to post it all to Facebook to everyone I know. As in, personally. In real life. Actual IRL. People I see face-to-face on a semi-regular basis (or am supposed to, ssshh).

Guess who chickened out! That`s right, me!

*scratches head awkwardly*

So, no. I`m backing out of this decision now that the time has actually come. The mere thought of putting all of this on Facebook, where my family and friends can actually see what I write and make for YouTube, is almost panic-attack-inducing for me. Complete with heart palpitations and a knot of panicky feelings in my stomach and all.

I know this is one of those things you`re supposed to just do, and hey, everyone else is perfectly capable of sharing the things they made! I`m probably just making things a lot worse for myself than they actually are, my mind should shut up, etc etc.

Besides, some people I know in IRL already have all of these links, and they still talk to me so I must be doing something right. But that group of people that has my links is a very small, select group of people, and I get massive amounts of anxiety every time I share these links with anyone else. It doesn`t seem worth it right now, to go through that amount of anxiety again. 

I might still do it at some point. I really might.

For now though, let me just point my current 105 (one hundred and five!) followers in the direction of my other platforms. Just in case, you know, some of you want to see all the Bucky Barnes pictures I reblog on Tumblr currently.

Here`s a quick list of where to find me elsewhere on the internet:

YouTube: youtube.com/realkojitmal
Twitter: twitter.com/kojitmal
Tumblr: realkojitmal.tumblr.com

And with that, I want to honestly and properly thank every single one of you for being here with me. It`s a very strange idea, for someone who has never before reached more than, say, 20 subscribers anywhere, to have 5 times that amount on a single platform. It might not seem like a lot, this being the internet and all, but 100 people is, when put in perspective, a lot of people who listen to what I have to say. It`s not something I`m particularly used to.

So from the bottom of my heart,

Thank you.


Take care!


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