Realkojitmal does YouTube: Ten Ways to Save Money

Quick heads up: I did a YouTube thing again! 

I am well aware that this video looks like one of those spam things, with the bad thumbnail and all that. I promise you it`s not. It`s an actual legit video I filmed and edited and everything. 

Thing is, like I`ve probably said before: every video comes with a lot of problems. There is not a single video on my channel that was uploaded without a single hitch along the way. Whether it`s editing programs failing or completely quitting, computers crashing, YouTube not uploading, it always takes a tremendous amount of effort to get the videos edited and online and doing everything properly.This time, the problems came from the thumbnail. In fact, I still haven`t managed (after several days of messing around) to get the actual thumbnail online that I wanted, but this one works so here we go. Have to make do with what I have, I suppose. 

So yes, new video! Do watch, if you want, and let me know what you think of it! 

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