Movie review: the LEGO movie

*this review is as spoiler-free as I could manage. Nothing the official website doesn`t say is in here, as far as I`m aware. Still, a spoiler can have sneaked in without me noticing, Batman style, so let me know if it has? Thanks!

This is one movie I did not expect to go to. In fact, I did not expect the movie itself. But all of a sudden it was there, with a gigantic poster and trailers everywhere, causing a hype on the internet and outside of it.

I`d seen some people talk about the movie, saw that they were all unanimously enthusiastic about it. Then I saw some trailers, like the one where they made Morgan Freeman read a phonebook and had the Lego characters talk about each other and what it was like for them on set. I got curious, to say the least.

Then some of my friends started talking about it, too, and the deal was sealed (so to speak). I decided yesterday that I was going to go and watch this movie today, as the final films in this city before the cinema closes (no more major-movie cinema in this city as of next Monday, until at least end of 2015).

And boy am I glad I did. This movie is, as said, unexpected. Entirely unexpected. Luckily, it`s in all the good ways.

The basic storyline is about a construction worker, Emmet, who one day finds a special Lego stone and turns out to be part of a prophecy that explains he`s now the Special, meant to defeat Lord Business who has evil plans for the world.

Joined by a strange girl, a very ego-centric Batman, a prophet voiced by Morgan Freeman, and a hyperactive spaceship-obsessed spaceman, while being chased by a very aggressive Bad Cop Good Cop, err, cop, Emmet goes off into the strange multiverse of Lego to save the day – or is he?

Full of humour and with literally everything (including all the water) made of Lego, this movie is an absolute joy to watch. It will make you feel nostalgic (I am very tempted to call my parents and ask for that huge box of Lego they still have stored in the attic for their grandchildren), and it will make you want to build All The Things.

The soundtrack is fittingly videogame-esque, with a very hyperactive and slightly disturbing “Everything is Awesome” song that returns several times throughout the movie.

The only thing that slightly bugged me was the message of fatherly love and childlike innocence working together, that dripped off the entire movie. The same goes for the whole “everyone is capable of doing amazing things” theme that ran through the movie. Though I did appreciate the way they poked fun at that same message at times, too.

All in all, this movie is an explosion of colours and action. It`s self-deprecating, hyperactive, Lego-y goodness. You will laugh, and then laugh some more, and then fall silent when the background story is revealed. And then you`ll laugh some more again.

As the popular song went: Everything is Awesome

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