HUVr boards – The Future Has Arrived (or has it?)


I am a big fan of the Back to the Future trilogy. As in, a BIG big fan. So when Nike made those shoes that tie themselves, suffice to say I was excited.

But then earlier today, this showed up on my Facebook wall:

Doc Brown and Tony Hawk show off a real-life hoverboard (or not)

I had to check double for a moment there. Is that an actual hoverboard? Is that Doc Brown and Tony Hawk showing an actual hoverboard?

It certainly seems to be!

The claim is that several students at MIT have been developing hoverboards (called HUVr), and now want to make actual consumer products out of them, to be released December this year. It comes complete with modern technology, too: 

The HUVr App is the control center for your HUVr Board. Activate your board via Bluetooth before each use and track route information such as path, distance, speed, and travel time. You can also rate and share locations with the HUVr community or via social media to Twitter and Facebook.

Do I believe them? Of course I don`t.

Like the article above says, there doesn`t seem  to be an actual company called HUVr, an e-mail sent to them is replied to with a gmail account, they have seemingly come out of nowhere, and while the videos are made pretty awesomely I just don`t believe they have the actual science to make real life hoverboards.

So what is all this for then? Speculations are running wild, ranging from actual hoverboards (oh how I wish) to promotion for a different new product, and then right up to promotion for a new Back to the Future movie. Either way, it`s something Back to the Future related, and I`m excited about it already. We`ll all just have to wait and see what happens, I guess. 

(but oh how I wish for an actual hoverboard)

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