Sometimes I think too much

Ah yes, the beginnings of an existential crisis. I can feel it creep up on me, like a shadow growing as the sun sets. It’s a dangerous path, once you start thinking like this,

I’ve had phases of this throughout my life. The feeling of pointlessness. Because what is the point of it all? Is it to learn? Then how much are we supposed to learn, and is it really for the sake of moving on? For the sake of reaching Nirvana? And then when you’ve reached that point, then what? You just get to hang around for all eternity?

Is there a superior being who made us? What was the point of that then? Who made that superior being? Does the list just go and on? Neverending, like the universe itself?

I read the other day, that if you start thinking like this, you end up with two options: you either opt in, or you opt out.

Opting out is the most easy to explain. It’s the option where you end it all, because it’s all pointless anyway, so why would you bother staying and going through all the hardship and turmoil?

Opting in is the option where you realise that exactly because it’s all pointless, there’s no real, massive concequences to what you do, and you might as well enjoy life while you’re here, because there isn’t going to be any judgement, revival, or second chance anyway. We’re all in this together, and one day all of human kind will be gone and no one will be remembered, might as well have fun then.

I tend towards opting in. I’m not one for opting out, even if I could bring myself to that point, which I know I can’t. But it’s strangely reassuring that there is no ulterior motive for our being here, and no consequences if I fuck up majorly. It also means that if my life sucks, it’s not because some higher being hates me, it just is.

This is by no means an excuse to be rude, or to hurt other people. All those other people exist, like you do. We’re just here, fumbling around, living out our lives the best we can. So while you’re here, having fun, why not make sure other people get to have an easier and better life too? Why not make sure you do mean something to the people you encounter, and make their lives a bit better? It might not mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn’t mean you should make everyone as miserable as you are.

And go out, travel. We’re born in a darn beautiful world, and we might as well see as much of it as we can.

And study. Don’t study because it’s useful, study because you want to learn, learn about this gorgeous world and how it works and how that makes you appreciate it all a bit more.

And help people. Be nice. It’s not hard, it’s not like you have to build a rocket for NASA. Just, you know, be nice. Give someone some extra food every now and then. Fix someone’s bike. Bring back someone’s camera if they leave it accidentally. Take someone out to dinner. Just because you can.

I’ve been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of people’s kindness a lot lately. And it makes me so happy to know that people care, that they’re willing to help provide me with things I can not always afford myself, and I can feel the power of it.

So let’s spread it some more, and make this world a better place. No deity is going to do it for us, as has been proven since forever. It’s all up to us. So let’s start working on that.

Let’s all opt in, together.

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