New habits

Lately, I’ve been realising something has changed in me. I’m fairly certain it’s a good thing, mind, though I do need to keep check on it.

The thing is, I have been getting much more critical. In a good sense. I hope.

I first noticed it in the tv shows and films I watch. Instead of just accepting the basic storyline and not looking any further, I’ve started really looking for patterns, cinematography, deeperlying issues and themes addressed, and I’ve really been enjoying this. It brings a whole new richness and appreciation to the way I consume media. I think I’m doing this one more thanks to all the meta of shows like Hannibal and Sherlock I’ve been reading. I follow several film analytics on Tumblr, too. All the detailed information and discussion does put things in a different light.

The second thing I noticed it in, is in how I think about social issues. Specifically, when someone makes a point about something, I find myself disagreeing somewhat more regularly. Where I used to accept everything as truth, because who was I anyway to say other people, who are clearly smarter and more well informed and more articulate than me, are wrong? Nowadays I think much more about what, exactly, they’re saying, and I question them a lot more. I find myself putting question marks with comments made on the daily news, with magazine articles, and even with blog posts written by friends (one friend in particular is often a victim of my rants, sorry dude). Not to say I disagree with everything, oh no. There’s plenty that I do agree with.

It feels like I have reached a different level of understanding the world about me. Level up, so to speak. I’m still very much in a beginner’s level, but just the realisation of progress makes me very happy.

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