Practising writing: Nyctophilia (a short story)

title: Nyctophilia
Author: realkojitmal (kojitmal@wordpress)
Word count: 407 words

Sometimes I write. The things I write don`t always make sense. Sometimes they do, but this is not one of those times. This is very much just a practise in writing, a drabble. Let me know what you think, though? I can always do with some feedback.


She always loved the night. The darkness embraces her, holds her tight like no lover ever could. It feels soothing, smoothing away the harsh brightness of the day.

She always hated the day. The light feels harsh on her eyes. There is a certain feeling to daylight, like it expects her to always be productive, you have to work work work, look at all those other people working, why aren`t you doing the same. A flurry of activities. There are things that need doing. Daylight shows it all, bright and clear and harsh. It feels pointless, boring, dull. Empty.

Night doesn`t care. Night doesn`t care if you`ve ticked off everything on your to-do list. Night just wants to feel alive. Right here, right now. So rich, so full of promise.

To her, there is no sense of danger in the night.

Or maybe there is, but she just revels in it. In daylight everything feels safe, you can see everything. At night, the darkness covers up the nasty, takes it away from you, allows you to ignore it. The danger is there, yes, but you can`t see it. A shadow might just be a shadow, it might be more.

Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

She always loved the night, walking through the streets at 3AM, long coat swooshing behind her. Her boots sound harsh on the stone pavement, every sound amplified in the silence, echoing against the buildings.  A mouse scurries away at the sound of her footsteps. Her shadow is on the buildings, elongated by the yellow-orange light from the streetlights. One light is flickering. She passes it quickly.

People are asleep in the houses. There are secrets behind every window. There are dreams behind every door. She wonders about them. She wonders if the secrets always stay there. She wonders if the dreams do go outside, if people are living their dreams, or if are they dreaming away their life. Do they even know the difference.

She feels like she protects them. Sleep well, people. Sleep tight. She`s here to protect you from nightmares. Or maybe she is the nightmare. She doesn`t know.

A bat flies past her, the sound of its wings almost inaudible to her human ears. A creature designed for the night. It feels like a friend to her. She`s glad they don`t talk though. There is enough talking in daylight.

She prefers the silence.

She always loved the night.

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One Response to Practising writing: Nyctophilia (a short story)

  1. I like it 🙂 It’s not perfect, and I would have constructed a few things differently, but it’s really nice.
    I can image the girl perfectly, as if the story is a narrator while her movie flickers past my eyes.
    I like it, thank you for writing ❤

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