Realkojitmal does YouTube: Fuckity bye, 2013!

Yes, I`m still doing YouTube, even in 2014! In fact, I have much better and bigger plans for this little channel of mine this year. There are some ideas I`m sort-of working on, though I`ve learned it`s better to keep them quiet for as long as possible, before I make false promises. Again.

The first video though, is not that special just yet. I`m tempted to say “same old, same old”, were it not for the fact that I am well aware that is terrible salesmanship. Then again, I`m not known for how good I am at selling things.

In this video, I discuss how much I hated 2013, what I learned from it, and what I want to change in 2014.

To be fair, as confident and assured as I may look in this video – I am not. I am absolutely terrified. 2014 has not been off to a good start at all, and I`m insanely worried that things are just going to get worse and worse.

We`ll have to wait and see, I guess.

Oh, that final sentence of “let`s start this shit up”? Shamelessly stolen from this video from ZeFrank, a video that I consider a huge inspiration and that I watch on a regular basis as a reminder to myself. There are several gems in there that I support and highly recommend.

Now then. Wish me luck for YouTube in 2014?

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3 Responses to Realkojitmal does YouTube: Fuckity bye, 2013!

  1. MikeW says:

    I like your spirit, wanting to establish yourself doing something that really uses your talents, skills, abilities, gifts, and soul. You obviously are intelligent and sensitive to your surroundings. That recommends you for writing. If you do not journal, please consider doing so by longhand, to let those feelings and sensitive observations in your daily experiences find the words you find truly represent them. That journal will nourish, feed, and farm your story telling. Typing is important, but longhand writing brings out many, many different qualities lost to typing. I say, use both.

    What language do you write in? You spoke in English on your YouTube, but in longhand, what language would express the widest and deepest range of your writer’s experience, vision, and voice? I’m glad I caught this post in my reader today.

    • kojitmal says:

      Hello! First of all, thank you so much for your lovely message. Sorry it took me a while to respond.

      I might indeed give longhand writing a try. I used to do it at work or school when I had nothing to do (or didn’t feel like doing anything). I do write in English in longhand, too. I find the Dutch language very lacking in vocabulary for expressing oneself, while the English language has so much more possibilities.

      Thank you again for your message!

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