Storytime at the British Museum in London


In ancient Greece, they had a different definition of “embrace”. Or at least Zeus did.

 Here`s an idea, if you should ever for some reason find yourself in London, utterly bored, and with a couple of hours to spare.

Go to the British museum. You know, the one near Russell Square. Take your camera. Or don`t, doesn`t matter much.

Then go through museum as you normally would, except that this time? You look for figurines like the ones in the photo above. And then you let your imagination run free. Which shouldn`t be too difficult, because I swear someone at this museum was really bored and put up everything in such a humorous way.

Look at the two here. It`s like they`re having a gossipy conversation in the street.

ImageBoy On Left: “Oh girl, he didn`t!” 
Girl On Right (putting her hand on her hip, jutting her hip out): “He did! I couldn`t believe it either.” 
BOL: “And then he put those awful slippers on?” 
GOR: “And put that awful belt he bought at the market a week ago, the yellow-y one? on his orange robes. Yellow on orange! With leather slippers! And then he had the nerve to show up like that for our date to the colosseum. So I told him, I said `I`m not watching gladiators with you dressed like that`. And he was so confused!” 
BOL: “Damn girl, we need to give him some lessons on fashion.”

Or there`s this little gem here:


Guy On Right: “Bitch please. No way I`m negotiating with you lot. Way too fabulous for you. ESPECIALLY for you.” (glances pointedly at Guy On Left) 
Guy On Left: “Oh nu-uh, you better watch what you`re saying there.” 
Guy In Middle: “Ugh, the two of you really tire me. Hang on, I just need to stretch for a bit to prepare for this disaster-in-waiting.”

If you`re very, very creative, you might be able to make an entire Shakespearian play out of old figurines in the museum. I was a bit too tired for that, but I definitely had fun killing time like this before I had to pick up my suitcase to move on to Lincoln.

So there we have it: if you ever have some time to spare, go to the British Museum. Fun, and you might learn something while you`re at it! Win-win situation. 

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