Movie review: Frozen (2013)

This review is as much spoiler-free as I could manage. There might still be potential spoilers in here though. Just let me know if you find any and let me know.


Is there even anyone who hasn`t seen Frozen yet? There are? Really?? Let`s fix that: go see this movie. Now.

Just kidding. If you don`t like Disney then that`s fine. I`d just recommend you stop reading this post and go read some of the other things I`ve written. If you`re even slightly curious though, read this, and then go and watch the movie.

Frozen is, as you`re probably well aware, the most recent Disney movie. It`s also breaking all the box office records, and has brought in more money than the Lion King. It`s won a Golden Globe, and seems to be all set for the Oscars this year. There`s even talk of a Broadway musical, which raises some questions: how are they going to work around all the ice magic?

Welcome to the new Disney Golden Age.

So what is Frozen even about? Very likely, the thought of Frozen conjures up snow, Idina Menzel`s brilliantly sung “Let It Go”, and a snowman who wants to see summer. And something with a reindeer.  Am I right?

There`s a bit more to the movie though. I have to admit, the trailer does not give a very accurate feel for the movie. At all, really. After seeing the trailer I was not excited for this movie. I thought it was lacking something, I thought it`d be more about the snowman (Olaf) and the reindeer (Sven), and that there`d be a love triangle between Hans, Kristoff, and Anna.

Oh boy was I wrong.

Instead of the aforementioned, I got a movie about two sisters. I got a movie about acceptance, loss, love, learning to love yourself and to forgive yourself and others. I got a movie with a main character who has anxiety and depression and doesn`t know how to deal with any of it. I got a movie about making bad decisions and their consequences and setting them right. I got a movie that teaches you shouldn`t always trust first impressions – people are often not who they seem at first.

The movie was visually stunning, straight from the first scene with the song “Frozen Heart” (one of my favourites).  The attention to details, the colour schemes, all the different snowflakes, they paid a lot of attention the visuals and it paid off.

The story too, not as much about Girl Meets Boy but more about two sisters who have been through a lot and learn to deal with it all in their own way, making some very questionable decisions along the way.

Despite the magic and the talking, walking snowman, this is a very human story. It`s very moving, taking you right along on an emotional rollercoaster, complete with twists and turns that you really should have seen coming (but, if you`re like me, you`re too busy gawping at the pretty to notice what`s obviously coming up).

Sure, it`s not 100% perfect. I`m personally not too big a fan of the soundtrack. There`s a couple of good songs there, but most of them don`t do much for me. Which I admittedly do say while belting along to Let It Go, which has been stuck in my head for two weeks now. Darn. 

I do also think they`re taking a bit too much character inspiration from Tangled. I know it`s from the same makers, but Anna and Elsa look a bit too much like Rapunzel for me. And Kristoff reminded me so much of Flynn Rider, it was a bit unsettling at times. If you have the budget to make every single snowflake different, then surely you can do the same with the main characters?

That said, I absolutely loved the movie, and I do want to see it again.

If you go to see this at the cinema though, and you should, one tip: dress warm. Even just seeing all the ice made me physically cold. 

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