The mysterious case of the sudden doctor

Here`s a story, one that`s actually a legit thing that happened today and that is still confusing both me and my (former-) housemates.

Earlier today, right after I finished filming for my new video, the doorbell rang. This was not entirely unexpected, as I was waiting for a book to arrive (it arrived later today). Instead of the mail delivery, however, it was a woman in a normal coat. She took a glance at the names listed next to our door, and told me she was looking for Beth*, probably.

I told her Beth doesn`t live here anymore, which is true. Neither does her older sister.

She opened her bag (an almost stereotypical doctor`s bag), and took out some papers. I also saw some iron things that looked like they might be stethoscopes, although I can`t be 100% sure.

Her paper indeed listed not only a name and contact information (of Sarah*, Beth`s older sister), but also reports of complaints throughout the years. She didn`t show me, mind. She was looking at the paper, and I could read right along.

She looked at her paper, saying “well that`s odd. I had a call that she was having pain in her chest, and came here to check up.”

We discussed it a bit further, and it turned out she`s a doctor who`d had a call from Sarah, and had come to our house for that reason. This is highly unlikely as Sarah is in the UK, and doctors in the Netherlands have a tendency to make you come to them at all times, instead of the other way around.

She left soon after that, saying she`ll leave a note at the office that both Beth and Sarah don`t live here, and that I had informed her of that.

We later checked with Sarah, and she had not made a call to a Dutch doctor, she`s not even registered at any doctor`s office here nor does she have Dutch health insurance anymore. I highly doubt it was her sister either, as it was Sarah`s initials on the paper.

All in all, a very strange and somewhat worrying situation. Why was she here? Was it just a mix-up, just some miscommunication? Or is there something else going on here? We just don`t know.

As Sherlock season 3 just ended, and I have a tendency to take up character traits from whatever it is I last watched/read, I`m going to treat this situation as a Sherlock Holmes mystery and ponder about it all night with my chin resting on my fingers. If anyone has any ideas or similar experiences, let me know!

*names changed for privacy reasons

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