The importance of travel (Epic Geek Trip UK edition)

Remember when I went to the UK in September, said I`d make lots of videos, and then didn`t make lots of videos?

Well, I finally made one.

In this video (which is essentially a blogpost except in video format with more pretty footage instead of white background), I discuss some of the things I realised about travelling while I was travelling.

There are a lot of quotes I could copy, a lot of things I could add, all about travel. But the truth is really very simple: we all need to travel. We don`t need to go far per se. Just getting in the car and driving off for a while, a change of scenery, could be a good start.

But travel is oh so important to the human mind. We need it to explore not just our world, but ourselves, our ideas and our assumptions. We need to travel to find out which things we`ve always taken for granted that really aren`t obvious. We need to travel to see which assumptions are wrong, and adjust them accordingly. We need to travel to become better human beings. It would make the world a better place, if more people travelled.

(That said, I do work in tourism and see a lot of stupid things done and said by tourists, but that`s a different story for a different time.)

For now, I`m just going to leave this video here. Let me know what you guys think either in the comment section here or over at YouTube!

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