Tackling sugar addiction



Last week, I decided to set a new challenge to myself. One I`d done before, one I`d managed before: to not eat candy and crappy food (specifically sugar) for a set amount of time.

The set amount of time was one week, starting on Monday. I bought extra fruit, worked on a blog post explaining what I was doing and why (tl;dr: because I felt like crap and was on a non-stop sugar high, which is not a good thing). I was ready, I was prepared.

And needless to say, I failed.

Not horribly, mind. I haven`t been stuffing my face like insane. Not like I did before I set myself this challenge, at least. I have picked back up on fruits and vegetables and healthier eating in general. I have also dramatically reduced the amount of sugar intake.

But it`s not gone completely. As it turns out, I have become a sugar addict. Not exactly something I`d ever suspected I`d be. After all, who here even knows something like a sugar addiction exists in the first place? Well I do, but then, I`m slightly obsessed with things food-related.

So yes, I am a sugar addict. It`s a proper, legit addiction, strange as it may sound: I can literally not make it through one day without eating some chocolate or sugar.

It`s kind of a scary thing, a sugar addiction. It`s also much more common than you`d think. I`d dare say every single one of you either is a sugar addict themselves or knows several – yes, several – people who are sugar addicts.

After all, sugar (and all varieties of it, which includes fructose, glucose, glucose-fructose-syrup, saccharine, you name it) is a big factor in the current obesity epidemic. Of course, something as complicated as an obesity epidemic has more culprits than only sugar, but candy and fizzy drinks and the sheer amount of sugar the average person takes in every single day should not be underestimated – most of the time we`re not even aware of the amount of sugar we actually eat.

I`d love to be able to blame one person or organisation for this. I`d love to be able to say it`s because of candy companies lobbying, I`d love to be able to say it`s because of the discovery of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a corn by-product which is sweeter than sugar and cheaper to produce but also, sadly, more fattening. I`d love to be able to say it`s because of the sheer amount of sugary products available. I`d love to be able to blame our very own biology, and our brain`s preference for sugar to run on and our body`s preference for sugar to turn into other materials to either burn up or store as fat. It`s a survival method that`s killing us.

But the truth is that all of these things are important, and to tackle sugar addictions and obesity epidemics we should all be aware of how complicated this situation is. To defeat all the Bad Guys, we need to realise who the real Bad Guys actually are and what they`re doing to us that`s so bad.

Before we can do that though, we should all be aware of the fact that there is such a thing as sugar addiction, and face up to it.

And that might well be the hardest part of it all.

So here I am. I am a sugar addict. Are you? 

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