realkojitmal@YouTube 1 year anniversary – behind-the-scenes facts

My little YouTube channel is one year old! To celebrate, I made this video, which you all should totally go and check out.

To celebrate a bit more, I`m going to give some facts about my channel here, instead of about myself like I did in the video. Three cheers for statistics! Anyone? I am a nerd and I`m not going to apologise for it.

1. I uploaded my first video on December 3. Or at least, I uploaded my first vlog on that date. Technically, there`s one more video before that. In my final year at uni, I had to record (as in, film) some speeches in Japanese for my speeches class. I then had to burn them on DVD and hand them in as homework. I hated every minute of it, I had so much anxiety about those videos. Still, they turned out mostly okay, and I uploaded one of them as a private video, in a kind of reminder to myself that only I can see. It`s a reminder of where I came from, how I used to feel about recording myself and how I used to be in front of a video, and of how far I`ve come since.

2. In this one year, I`ve gathered 27 subscribers to my channel. 27 might not sound like a lot to you, but the fact that there`s a classroom of people willing enough to see my video to subscribe to my channel? Does wonders for my ego. 27 Subscribers in one year amounts to an average two new people each month, and then some. Of course, the reality is more messy, and tends to come more with bursts of 3 or 4 new subscribers in one week then months of nothing, but here we go anyway. (While we`re at it – feel free to subscribe!)

3. I`ve uploaded 29 videos in these 12 months. That`s again an average of 2 per month and then some. It also means I almost equalled one subscriber per video, which is a pretty decent average and should mean I should be able to get to 100 subscribers eventually, if this trend continues. Of course, I`d love to have way more subscribers than that, but playing it realistically? I`d be more than okay with 100.

4. Strangely enough, I have the most viewers in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In that order. I expected English-languaged countries to be in the top, yes, but I did not expect Australia to be in the top 3 for some reason. So, hello, Australia!
Other countries I did not expect in my viewers list are Brunei, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Israel. Glad to see I have such an international audience though! That really makes me very happy and proud.

5. My most watched video is Weird things people say to students of Japanese. At the time of writing it stands at 280 views, which I had not expected to ever happen. I`m planning a sequel as well, which will likely happen sometime in January (though I`m not making any promises because you know how that tends to work out for me.)

There you have it, 5 behind-the-scenes facts about my YouTube channel! May the statistics keep improving from now on in the years to come, and may there be many more years on YouTube in the future!

Now back to your regular scheduled programming.

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