Movie review – Thor: The Dark World

No really, I tried keeping it as spoiler-free as possible, but this being a review spoilers might still have sneaked in. Pesky things, those spoilers. 


What is it with all the darkness nowadays in movies? First with Star Trek: Into Darkness (feat. Beloved British Boy Benedict Cumberbatch as the Bad Guy), and now Thor: The Dark World (feat. Beloved British Boy Tom Hiddleston as the Bad Guy). I`m sensing a pattern. I don`t actually mind. Keep it up, guys.

So I spend my Halloween evening in the cinema, to see the new Thor. It was truly a night well spend. Good friends, snacks, and a movie we`d been waiting for for quite a while.

To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed by the first Thor movie. The story was okay (ALL the Loki Feels), but there was something missing in the movie that to this day I can`t quite put my finger on. I just wasn`t particularly impressed. Out of all the First Phase movies, I`d say it`s the second weakest. The first being, obviously, The Hulk. We don`t talk about that one.

But seeing how much Marvel has been upping their game, how they really have been listening to their fans and the critics and working on improving their movies, left me with good hope for the second Thor. And it worked! There was more of Loki (yay!), more humor (yay!), more sass (double yay!).

Unfortunately it had to be made up for in other places. We lost some action, some unpredictability, some proper story line, some structure, some tension. We even lost some of the character building for our bad guys (Malekith and the Dark Elves). There wasn`t a big, obvious fight at the end. At one point you just became kind of aware that oh, wait, is this the end? It is, isn`t it. Okay.

To be fair, I`m kind of okay with an end like that. Everything else in the movie was kind of cliché (save for the sass) and predictable, so to NOT have the big end fight was new. I would have liked to see more of the Dark Elves though, and get to know more about them.

Still, although the Thor movies have always been somewhat problematic and less well-done than, say, their Iron Man-counterparts, this new one was thoroughly enjoyable. It was definitely a story about two brothers and how their relationship is changing. It was about a broken family, who are trying to look to the future but still struggling horribly with past events and the current problems they resulted in. This movie will give you ALL the Loki feels. Again.

The romance part between Thor and his midgardian love, Jane Foster, felt more or less worked in there as a kind of afterthought and a way to sort-of propel the story forward. The Dark Elves were almost an after-after thought, what with all the attention focused on the Asgardians.

As for the separate characters: Darcy was awesome as usual, Sif was really kicking ass in the little screentime she got. Frigga was amazing, Odin was as annoying and stubborn as ever. Erik Selvig seems to have really lost it after everything that happened in the Avengers, but I appreciate the continuity. There was even a tiny, tiny unexpected cameo by Captain America (Chris Evans) that really did come absolutely unexpected but in the best possible way.

The story could be done better, but if you just want to watch something not too special, something to sit back and relax to: this is it. The humour is great and left me in stitches throughout the film. There is drama to balance it out a bit, but overall the humour had the upper hand. It is definitely much better than the first Thor, and worth watching. Despite all the commentary here, I really enjoyed the movie, and we all walked out of the cinema smiling and discussing how much we liked this movie.

So if you like Marvel, Loki, or want to know what`s going on in Asgard and the other realms after the events in New York in the Avengers, or if you just want a good laugh intermitted by action sequences, I`d recommend watching this movie. Don`t expect Avengers-esque quality (then again, what beats that movie anyway?), but in itself this was enjoyable and lots of fun.

Now shoo! Go watch! And don`t cry at all the Loki Feels, mkay?

If you`ve already seen it, hit me up in the comments to let me know what you thought! Plus I`d love to know who else is already looking forward immensely to the new Captain America movie. Raise your hands if you`re excited!

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