Practicing writing pt. II

With nanowrimo coming up in less than a week`s time, I can already feel the urge to write tickling me. I am sort-of working on preparations for the novel I`ll be writing, though as you can see on this Twitter update I`m not particularly productive. Oh well.

I have been trying to oil those rusty writing mechanism though. It`s been going about as well as my jammed bike lock – not at all. No really, it takes me 5 to 10 minutes to lock my bike at the moment. My writing is even worse.

I started writing a Harry Potter-world based shortfic tonight, but it went, well, kind of horrible. I enjoyed the first part, but then it lost steam after about 400 words. If you`re going to start writing a 50.000 word novel in less than a week, that`s really kind of discouraging. I just have no idea where this ficlet went. It was like a 3-year-old trying to shoot with bow and arrow. Here`s pretty much the only part I`m sort-of-okay with:

The Ravenclaws were the ones out in spring to identify all the new flowers budding. They were the ones discussing the best spells to protect your skin with against the summer sun, and the history of how Muggles believed they had charted the sky and the sun and the stars while it was the wizards who had helped here and there at crucial points. Ravenclaws were the ones to discuss the philosophy behind Halloween, and the Muggle science of why leafs change colour in fall. They were the ones discussing different shapes of snowflakes in winter, and experimenting with spells both on themselves, their clothing, and each other, for the sake of keeping warm and healthy during the cold winter months. They would gather around the lake, prodding the ice and wondering how all the life in the lake survived when the entire lake is covered in ice and snow.

The Ravenclaws were the ones who would not be seen without little notebooks ready in their hands, taking notes of everything, comparing them during dinner.

This was still all perfectly expected Ravenclaw behaviour though.

What did surprise everyone, including the teachers, was that one year where a group of Ravenclaws decided to run experiments on how long they could sit outside in the cold in their summer uniforms. “We`re doing scientific research as to which spell works best”, came their answer when asked what on earth they were trying to do, kill themselves? Madam Pomfrey tutted at them while handing them their pepper-up potions.

And that`s just a small part. Just imagine how cringeworthy the rest is.

Well. Here`s to hoping nanowrimo will be a lot better? I am after all preparing it? Sort of?

Writing is hard, guys. Don`t do it. It`s addictive and sucky and you will never be happy with what you write and feel horrible. And then you have characters running off to do their thing and you`ll panic about where your characters are and what`s going and what is this story even doing and you`ll be on an adrenalin rush and in your own created world and on a bit of a high and it`s really great but exhausting. Just don`t go there. No. Don`t.

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