Movie review: Gravity (2013)


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If I`d be giving films stars like I do with books, this film would get a full 5 stars with several + signs behind it. It`s that good.

For those still unaware: Gravity is the most recent film by director Alfonso Cuarón, and stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. That`s it. That`s the entire cast.
The movie is set in orbit around earth, and it shows what happens when Russia blows up a satellite and debris of it starts going in orbit in a very fast pace, hitting everything in its way. This everything includes the ship from Dr. Ryan Stone (Bullock) and veteran astronaut Matthew Kowalsky (Clooney). It also includes everything else we have up there like the ISS. Cue 90 minutes of tension and “will they make it” as the two astronauts fly around orbit trying to make it back to earth safely but having everything work against them.

I could tell you all about how stunning the visual effects and the 3D are (they are truly stunning). I could tell you all about how Cuarón has chosen to use very little music, and to let the silence of space do its work instead. (There is an OST, it`s amazing, but it`s used sparingly.)I could tell you about how groundbreaking this movie is, or about how much of the actual science they got right (and the few things they got wrong). But there are a lot of reviews out there doing exactly that.

Instead, I would just like to say that this movie has left me in a very surreal mood for quite a while afterwards. Sure, I was dizzy and nauseous thanks to all the spinning and the effects and the edge-of-the-seat tension, but I also had to wait for a while for the out-of-this-world feeling to subside.

This movie was indeed gorgeous, it had me on the edge of my seat. You get thrown into the story right at the beginning. No introduction, no “how excited are you to go into space”, no flashbacks to dramatic histories. No character introductions. Just a “here`s the story, let`s go” kind of mood. And it worked perfectly.

I really felt for the characters – or specifically, Dr Ryan Stone, as Clooney`s Matt served mostly as a supporting character. I rooted for her, wanted her to live, cried when she cried. I was happy and elated when she was, gasping for air when she was. I`m expecting an Oscar for Bullock, to be honest.

It was a 90-minute rollercoaster ride, and definitely one I recommend. It`s a human story about survival in an inhuman place where no one can survive. It`s thrilling, it`s moving, it will make you feel ALL the things.

Although to be honest, it also confirmed to me that I do not ever, EVER, want to go into space itself. I may love space, I may love astronomy and astrophysics, but actually go to space? No. Definite no. Not going to happen.

One more thing: if you`re going to watch this movie? Watch it while it`s still in cinema. This movie definitely deserves a big screen, large sounds and 3D-effects. Especially the large screen. Sit somewhere where the screen fills up your view. Trust me. It will feel like you`re there in space with them, and it`s terrifying but kind of amazing.

Okay, one FINAL final thing: if you`re going to watch this, be prepared for a few kind of gross moments. With gross moments I mean dead bodies that have been hit by debris and have chunks of face missing. Ew. Those took me by surprise, and not the good kind of surprise either. But there`s only about two or three of them in the movie, so that`s good. It`s doable. Just be prepared.

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