Happy birthday, Kojitmal!

Today marks the first anniversary of this blog! Exactly one year ago, I created my blog on WordPress. It`s not Kojitmal, a different one, but I switched to this one quite soon afterwards. That`s why, if you look, the first post on Kojitmal was actually posted on November 29.

Still, it`s one year later. One year, 101 posts, and 76 followers. 76! This might not sound like a lot to you, but for someone who has never had more than 25 followers anywhere, this is amazing. I`m still happy with every single person following me.

I just, wow, it`s been one hell of a year (literally and figuratively), and it`s a strange thought for me that there`s so many people reading about my life and interests.

So for the occasion, I thought I`d tell you guys about why I started this blog in the first place.

As most of you know, I`ve been at home without a job since I graduated last year. That`s a year and a half by now of searching for a job, struggling to pay the rent, struggling to pay anything really. A year and a half of only the occasional crappy job that never brings in quite enough money. I am a workaholic who went from a full-time study with 2 part-time jobs to a busy internship to absolutely nothing at all. On top of that I was (/am) coping with depression, anxiety, and a self-esteem that kept hitting rock bottom.

And then YouTube came along, with its vlogger community. I had been interested in film making for a while, but for some reason it never crossed my mind that it was something you could technically do at home with a simple camera. So after a couple of months of watching vloggers, I decided to try for myself.

Me being me, I decided that if I`m going to do this, might as well do it right, so I added a blog and changed my Twitter and Tumblr accounts. The idea was to build my own little world here, to have different types of social media that I can use to cross-promote each other.

In the end, as things never quite go as planned, the blog – this one you`re reading right now – turned into a place for me to be me. It`s where I vent, it`s where I`m the most honest, and it`s become very important to me. It`s actually become my main place on the internet, getting priority over both my YouTube channel and my Twitter. It`s also my most successful internet-thing ever. Like I said, I`ve never had more than 25 subscribers anywhere. That includes YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and a lot of other blogs I`ve tried to keep up before this one.

So thank you to all of you for being here with me! It`s been a strange year, but Kojitmal has been a steady presence here that I can`t really imagine not having around anymore. Even if I have large periods of radio silence, large periods of time in which you don`t hear of me, I am still here. And at some point, I will be back. Maybe not forever, as I`ve learned by now not to make any promises, but for now? I`m good here.

Onwards to 100 followers! 

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One Response to Happy birthday, Kojitmal!

  1. chindividual says:

    Congratulations on the birthday! I’ll raise my glass to the further survival of this neat place. May the muse give you all the inspiration you need 🙂

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