Practicing writing

I haven`t written anything fictional in what`s probably several months time. That`s not good. Writing is something you need to keep up, you need to keep using it, keep practicing, or you get rusty and crappy. Or at least I do. 

As such, I decided to write something, anything, today. I asked my housemate to give me a plot, and she gave me “elephant sized puppy”. She might have been a bit more specific, but I ignored those parts. Sorry not sorry. 

Although this story is really quite bad, I`m still happy that I wrote something. Also, I am sharing it with you guys anyway so you can either cringe or tell me how to improve or just laugh at me (or any combination thereof). 

So here it is: a story about a puppy-sized elephant who thinks he`s an actual puppy. 

(FYI: for those wondering, the idea of a puppy-sized elephant is not mine, it`s John Green`s. Here`s a video about them. )

About a puppy-sized elephant who thinks he`s an actual puppy.

“Hey Georgie!” the Boss says when he comes in. Georgie wags his tail as he darts around the Boss`s legs. He can feel the Boss`s hand on his head, petting him. The Boss chuckles, the hand leaves, and the feet move forward into the house. Georgie follows. He`s just so happy to see the Boss! Not that the Lady and Charlie aren`t nice – they really are very nice to Georgie – but the Boss being back just makes things even better.

“Did you see that?” Georgie hears the Boss ask. “Was he wagging his tail just now?” His voice sounds a bit surprised. Georgie wags some more. He enjoys this wagging-your-tail thing. He feels much more like a real, grown dog.
“He`s been doing that quite a lot lately,” the Lady`s voice responds. Georgie starts to get a bit confused. Are they talking about him?
“Are we sure Georgie even knows he`s an elephant? A small one, sure, but I wonder if he knows he`s not a dog?”

Georgie? Not a dog? Elephant?

Georgie looks up the the Boss, his head tilted to the side. Surely he`s a dog just like Simba, and like all those other dogs in the neighbourhood? Who do, admittedly, look at him a bit weird, but Georgie always thought it was because of his short tail.
Georgie notices the Boss and the Lady looking at him. He wags his tail once, still wondering.
“See!” the Boss exclaims. “He thinks he`s a dog!” Georgie tilts his head even more to the side.
“Let me prove it,” the Boss says, looking around. He then picks up one of Simba`s toys.

“Here boy, do you want this?” Georgie wags his tail again, while trying to contain his excitement. He`s allowed to play with Simba`s toys? That makes him so happy! He`s quite sure Simba, the other dog in the house, won`t be happy. But if Boss says it`s okay, Georgie won`t complain! Those toys are really nice toys, and Georgie had been jealous of Simba for a very long time now. 

He eagerly goes to the Boss to get the rope, lifting up his long nose to get it out of the way so he can take the rope between his teeth. He pulls at it, and feels the Boss also hanging on and pulling it. Georgie`s tail stops wagging, his big floppy ears pointing forwards slightly in concentration. He tries a little growl – it doesn`t work. Must be because he`s still a puppy. One day, he will be able to growl like Simba does.

The Boss pulls the rope, and manages to pull it away from Georgie. He throws it away. Georgie runs after it happily, fetching it to give it back to the Boss.

He doesn`t notice the Boss sigh, or the glance at the Lady.

Georgie is a very happy puppy. He only wished he didn`t look so weird. 

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