NaNoWriMo 2013

It`s October! It`s time for autumn, Halloween, comfy sweaters, pumpkin-everything, and of course: preparations for this year`s NaNoWriMo.

NaNo, as you will probably know, is an annual writing contest. It stands for National Novel Writing Month, though it is really very international. It`s held every year in November, and the big challenge is to write 50.000 words in one month. Does that sound like a lot to you? That`s because it is.

Last year I participated for the first time ever. I wrote a crime novel called Dear Old Southland. Not only did I make it to the deadline, writing more than 50.000 words just to get the story finished, I also had a lot of fun writing it. Even though crime is a genre I`m not particularly well versed in, having neither read it much nor ever written it before.

More fun was how the characters all had a mind of their own, running off with both other characters and myself panicking where they went off to. Even as the author, I never quite knew where the story was going to go, what was happening, or which character would show up next.

I tried writing again earlier this year, at Camp NaNo in April. I do remember having lots of fun writing that fantasy-crossover, that completely different world with different rules but characters everyone knows like Santa. Unfortunately, at that point my mental state was, well, in a very bad shape, and I don`t even remember if I finished it or not. I do remember it being more of a struggle than in November, and that I chose not to join in again in June (July?).

This November however, that writing itch is back! In fact, while I was at Asylum in Lincoln, I have talked about this with a new friend, and I have been semi-challenged to write a Steampunk novel this year.

The thing is, we both noticed how many people tend to have fictional jobs like airship pirate, engineer, or army soldier. This led us to think that, if a Steampunk culture did actually exist, with the same rate of jobs that people pretend to have now, that an actual Steampunk AU would not last very long. Give and take a week, depending on how much alcohol we`re supplied with. After all, we might have a chimney sweep or two, but where are the shop holders? Where are the people cleaning the streets, the government officials, the factory workers, the administrative workers? Where are the people doing the small jobs that keep everything running? Where are the people selling all the supplies to all those mad scientists?

So we figured, it might be a fun idea to explore a world like this, where the skies are always filled with airships but no one really knows where any of the food comes from.

In fact, I can feel a story starting to form in my head already. This should be fun.

What I want though, is input from you guys: would you be interested in a story like this? Would you want to see any progress that I make? Give ideas? Or maybe even just help me out with characters? Let me know in the comments!


Disclaimer: please note that I am horrible at keeping up promises and am here by allowing myself to make any changes I feel like making. That includes completely discarding any and all plots should I see fit (or feel unfit, whichever comes first). I do look forward to a story like this, but then I often look forward to stories and end up not doing anything with them quite regularly. Sorry.

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2 Responses to NaNoWriMo 2013

  1. J. Milburn says:

    I’m always interested in what other writers are up to. I’m trying to formulate my own NaNo novel right now. Plus, I’m delving into the realm of steampunk in hopes of getting a feel for the genre. And if you change your mind it would be interesting to see the direction it goes. Good luck!

  2. I’d love to read this. I like creative ideas! I’m so bored of yet another vampirehuman-lovestory

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