UK trip: The Ending

(I originally wrote this on my last day in Cardiff, but my iPad has been failing me horribly, so I couldn`t post it. So if some sentences are a bit odd or out of context, there you go. I`ll try my best to adapt, but I might miss some things as I am still really tired and in need of an actual holiday.)

I am now back in the Netherlands. Everything`s done. The suitcase is unpacked. The books (or at least some of them) have found a place on my bookshelves. All settled in. I guess.

It still feels a bit strange that it’s all over. The big adventure is finished. I have seen new places, met new people, and have a lot of new experiences, most of which I had never expected to happen.

As you all know, it wasn’t all sunshine and amazing things and awesome. There were bad days. My last day in Cardiff was a Very Bad Day. But it’s part of traveling, I suppose. You can’t always have good things. You’d appreciate those good things less too, so in a strange way it’s a good thing to have bad days.

I’ve learned a lot in the past three weeks. I’ve learned about traveling, do’s and dont’s. I’ve learned what type of things I should research better before I leave, and what I can let go more of.

I`ve learned a lot about British people and culture. I`ve learned that some of you lot probably need to pay more attention in school and on the news, because no the British economy is not the strongest in the world, and no not all foreigners learn where Edinburgh is topographically. But the amount of pride in your country amused me.

I`ve learned that British people like meat (and that being a vegetarian must be really difficult in the UK). You like charities. You like safety warnings (“do not attempt to board a bus when it`s reversing.” Seriously, guys?). You don`t like garbage bins, since I often had to look around for ages just to throw something away.

But I have also learned a lot about myself, and what I am and am not capable of. I`ve learned that I am capable of putting myself out there and meeting new people. I`ve learned that I need to take more rest than I did. I`ve learned what makes me happy, what calms me down, and how far I can go before it stops helping (passed that point in Cardiff). I`ve learned that I need to remember to find my own way, instead of always relying on other people to tell me (definitely a work in process still). I have learned that I am ridiculously bad at keeping up things like blogs and vlogs, even more so when traveling. Sorry about that.

The most difficult part is going to be putting this new knowledge to use now that I`m back in everyday life. It`s so easy to fall back in old habits, after all.

Though I have to admit, I have been wondering how people just return to their old lives after experiences like this. I feel like a different person, like I have fundamentally changed from the girl I was just a couple of months ago. Might just be a post-trip thing though. Might be my own delusion.

I don`t know. For now I`ll just focus on getting my life back together. I still need to find a job, something to do. There`s courses I want to follow. Maybe do a photography class, or a dancing class. I`d absolutely love to do something with flowers again, as well. Just keep working on improving myself.

I do have some ideas for blogs and videos, though for now I`m going to get some actual rest, let it all sink in, wait for the realisation that yes, this trip did actually happen, it`s not just some dream. Because right now it all feels too strange and too good to be true.

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One Response to UK trip: The Ending

  1. bethanlientie says:

    Just read your last few posts, and i’m really not surprised you’re knackered after that- Doing so many places in such a short space of time is quite an endurance test! Glad you enjoyed the UK so much though 🙂 The health and safety here is ridiculous, but the bin thing, it’s mostly on stations so that people can’t put bombs in the bins..apparently O.o

    Hope you come back to visit again before too long!

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