London day 1: YouTube, YouTube everywhere

The Epic Geek Tour 2013:UK version has officially begun! And what better way to kick off with than through joining a video shoot for Tomska’s new video!

I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say I had a small enough role that you’ll be hard pressed to find me in the video. (The video is planned to go online this week, so keep an eye out anyway.)

Still, I wasn’t there for the breakthrough role. I originally didn’t even specifically go to meet people. I wanted to go for two other reasons:

The first one is that, as an aspiring film maker, I was very interested in the process of an on-location shoot like this. I’ve been on tv before, but nothing quite so scripted or repeated so often. Combined with the unique possibilities that YouTube offers over TV, this definitely caught my interest, and interesting it was! I did learn quite a bit. It also made me realize again that I still have so, so much to learn. It’s perhaps not entirely fair to compare as most people directly involved have some sort of degree and/or years of experience in video making. I don’t. Far from it. Still, they had to start somewhere, and so shall I.

The second reason is a bit different.

A couple of months ago, when my problems with panic attacks and anxiety were reaching new heights, I saw a video from YouTuber Zoella, in which she talked about similar problems and how she dealt with them. She said that a good way to (slowly, albeit) deal with it is to say yes to more things. When an opportunity arises, say yes, no matter how scary. It’s a good way of gaining new experience, and often you’ll gain self-confidence along the way as well. So I thought, while I’m here anyway, outside of my comfort zone both literally and figuratively, I might as well follow more of this advice. And that’s how I joined Tomska’s video.

I am infinitely glad that I did, that even when I had no idea anymore how I was going to get at the site and how the British train systems work and had completely had it after a long journey, that I still kept going. Because not only did I get the opportunity to see how a part of a video is made, I also got to meet several YouTubers that I, well, admire. I look up to people like Benjamin Cook (who was also there, which I did NOT expect but damn what a good surprise), with their brilliant, informative, engaging and funny video’s. They’re examples for me, a goal to aim towards in terms of video quality, so actually getting to talk to them and watching them work and even getting to taking pictures with them was more than I could have hoped for.

Not only that, the other extra’s on location were also very friendly and welcoming, and I was never without people to talk to. We even left there with a small group, and although more and more of them dropped away on our way back to London city center, to go to their own homes, I did go out for dinner with one of them and she was kind enough to show me around Piccadilly a bit, showing me the Trocadero and taking me to play games.

So I guess I’ll be adding today in a long list of things I’m grateful to YouTube for. And I can only hope the remaining 19 days of my trip will be just as great. Either way, I’m off to a good start.

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One Response to London day 1: YouTube, YouTube everywhere

  1. tilly says:

    im glad you had a good time!! 🙂 im so looking forward to seeing the video!! x

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