YouTube Geek Week: a quick round up


It`s been Geek Week on YouTube, and if I`m going to perfectly honest: I wish it`d never end. Such an improvement from that one supposedly funny week we`ve all agreed to never mention by name anymore.

I haven`t had that much time to keep up with Geek Week, what with it being the last week at my job while also planning a 3-week long trip to the UK, going to therapy, and having a social life (gasp!). Unfortunately, that also means no time for me to make a new video, or even keep this blog updated properly.

Still, I did see some really great videos the past week (not very difficult with how happy science makes me), so I thought I`d do a quick round up on some of my Geek Week favourites! This is, by the way, ignoring the new Thor 2 trailer, because that`s Totally Awesome but as it`s just a trailer I didn`t feel like it`d fit in this list.

Here we go (in no particular order):

Why The World Is Awesome in 60 Facts

By Earth Unplugged

This video, featuring a whole bunch of different science YouTubers, is absolutely amazing. While the facts were mostly really kind of random, there were some really interesting ones in there. Some of them I didn`t particularly need to know, like the one about frog skins, but almost everything else was actually interesting.
Bonus points: giving me a lot of new channels to watch. I was also pleasantly surprised to see James May – yes, the one from Top Gear-  amongst the scientists/science vlog hosts. So go watch.

The Science of AsapSCIENCE – Behind The Scenes


AsapSCIENCE has long been one of my favourite channels. I remember countless mornings of watching these videos during breakfast. Their videos are so happy, interesting, informal, scientific, yet easy to understand, they became a favourite very quickly.
So finding out who`s behind the videos and how they`re made is actually just as interesting as the videos themselves. Though this could also be my fascination with seeing Begin The Scenes things.
Bonus:  the whole video. These guys are lovely.

Smokey Saloon

By KickThePJ

Oh PJ. You total oddball. I never quite know what to think of these videos, though considering I still watch them, I suppose it`s safe to say I enjoy them.
For those of you wondering: no this isn`t science. It`s anything but science. This video is actually a strange, other-worldly Western-horror-thing that I`m going to stop trying to define now because this is PJ Liguori and he does not do well with defining. Creative, artsy, and dripping with the obvious fun in being made, his videos are well worth watching, and this Geek Week video is no exception.
Bonus: Ben Cook`s cameo. Because I really like seeing him around in between the long waits for Becoming YouTube episodes. (Disclaimer: I don`t mind the waiting, if it means keeping up the good quality. I just like to joke about it.)

Flaming Super Geek


Upon rewatching this video (under the premise of “fact checking for the blog”), I realised I had managed to forget about Mike quizzing Ben in geekiness. The reason for forgetting this fun intro to the video, is because of what`s next: the slow-mo recordings of food. Burning food, plasma-creating grapes, people eating peppers or salt, and people bullying Mike. Yeeess, good. I approve.
The actual video for the real slow-mo parts is here but I decided to use the SORTED Food video here because I love the Sorted guys and use their recipes regularly. Also, like with PJ, I like how their videos mostly consist of people obviously having lots of fun.
Bonus: ending up with “he`s a super geek! Super geek! Super geeky” stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

Now I know that Geek Week isn`t actually over yet. There`s still one day left. If anything really interesting pops up tomorrow, I might add it to the list. But for now, here it is! Hope you enjoyed, and if you have any other videos you`d like to recommend, let me know down in the comments.

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