About the 12th Doctor

Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve. (Doctor Who) Watch the 12th Doctor reveal in Doctor Who Live this Sunday on BBC America, BBC One, Space Channel, and ABCTV

As I`m writing and posting this before the 12th Doctor is announced, I don`t yet know who he (yes it`s a he) is.

What I do know, regardless of he is, is that right now millions of people are anticipating seeing him. Knowing Doctor Who`s history with picking unknown-ish actors for its roles, this guy is going to have his life turned upside down tonight. I personally imagine it to be downright terrifying. Exciting, of course, but absolutely terrifying.

Fangirls are scary and a force to be reckoned with, okay.

BUT, I have  (unlike the rest of Tumblr, it seems) faith that the staff at Doctor Who is capable of picking someone absolutely perfect for the job. They`ve never done otherwise in the past, why should they disappoint us now?

Ah, yes, the constant “it`s time for a woman!” and “time for someone of colour!” arguments. I might be the only one around seeing these, as I spend way too much time on Tumblr, definitely more than is healthy for me. But I do see these all the time.

I`m not going to start this discussion right now. I tried writing out my thoughts, but really, I just want this to be about the next Doctor.

And not everyone`s going to be happy about the choice of casting for the next Doctor. Somebody`s going to go “well screw this, I ain`t watching anymore” and that`s fine. It`s why different opinions exist, and it`s okay to disagree. But I personally have faith that the new Doctor is going to be amazing.

Let`s all be more like Jack Harkness, and accept whoever it is that`s getting this role. Let`s all wish him the best of luck, he`s got big shoes to fill. Let`s all learn to love him like we love the other Doctors. Let`s give him some time to settle in to the role and make it his own. And most of all: remember that he`s a human being like everyone of us, and he deserves to be treated the way you treat other human beings. (Yes, Tumblr, I`m looking at you.)

I am still sad to see Matt Smith go, but I am also happy the show is moving forward nonetheless. There will be new dynamics, new faces, new adventures, and I`m really very excited about all of it.

So to Twelve: I wish you all the best in this giant role. Good luck! And have fun, that`s most important. Have fun in filming and being in this role, and we will have fun watching you and your adventures.

I am also REALLY excited about finding out who you are!

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