About my generation and technology


Can I have this phone now please.


I saw a post on Tumblr the other day, I believe it was about Pacific Rim. I don`t remember the exact post, nor who posted it. I am also sure it is absolutely impossible to ever find again unless it happens to pop up on my dash suddenly, and it wasn`t the type of post to do that.

In this post, they wrote something along the lines (and I`m going to misquote horribly here, I just know it) of how great it is to finally have a movie for us, the generation that grew up surrounded by internet and technology. A movie that doesn`t turn technology into the bad guy, that doesn`t make technology a villain, a sign of the apocalypse. But instead technology is accepted, respected, and used to save the world. Because we`re not the generation that`s scared of all the new developments in technology. We don`t see technology as the villain, it`s not a life ruiner. We manage fine in having social lives with actual people with technology adding to it, not deriving from it.

They were talking about a movie with giant robots controlled by people to battle huge monsters. (A movie I still really want to see exactly because of the previous sentence.)

But the point still stands.

We are the generation that`s not afraid of technology. We`re not afraid of technology becoming sentient and taking over. We`re not afraid of losing our lives to technology.

We use it to improve our lives, to make it easier and faster so we can focus on other things.

I, for one, am a great fan of technology. I love not just the fact that technology allowed us to go to space or collide particles against each other to find an even tinier particle. I also just simply love gadgets. Even in my tiny, student dorm, there is a wealth of technology that I`m actually proud of. I am one of those hyper connected young people, and I love it. If I was rich, I wouldn`t spend my money on cars and parties and marble buildings.

I`d spend it on gadgets, on phones that look like they came straight from Stark Industries. I`d spend it on having multiple screens so I could work on different things at once. I`d have little pop up computers hidden everywhere.

Yes, sure, I`d also spend about half of it on my own personal library, but it`d be a classic library except with hidden interfaces that help guide you along with subtle maps build into the floor that light up as you walk and then disappear behind you.

When I see news reports on something new developed by scientists, like the German scientists actually trapping light for a minute, or the bionic glass for blind people, I get really excited. Or even, (god forbid), Google Glass. I love the idea of living in this futuristic world. I love the endless possibilities technology offers us.

And even if I`ll never be one of the people developing any of it, because as much as I`d love to be able to build my own robot (and trust me I`d love to), cables and wiring and electricity are quite literally magic to me. But I`ll still love it, and use it, and I`ll always want the newest thing because I can and it`s there and every new device just opens up even more possibilities.

I am infinitely glad to be part of this generation, the first generation to grow up with the internet (I was about 8, I think, when we got a computer and one of those slow, noisy dial-up modems. The sound is very nostalgic to me.)

I might not be an early adapter with most technology, but I`ll be darned if I won`t use all that technology readily available.

Now please excuse me while I go daydream about that library. 

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