Life goals

In the very long list of “things I do in a vague attempt at cheering myself up”, there`s making a bucket list. Aside from hopefully cheering me up, it also gave me something to do at work in between/during calls, because man that gets really boring.

But, besides entertaining me, it also reminds me of my ambitions, of everything I hope to achieve at some point in my life. It reminds me why I`m going through this crap that gives me money. And although I`m quitting this job soon (mid-August), because it`s getting ridiculous and I want to cry every time I think of it, it does remind me that if anything, I`m not made to be stuck in a call centre and that there`s so much out there I`m working towards.

On the other hand, the life goals list (as I`ve actually called it) also reminds me that there`s so much I want to achieve and have wanted to achieve, but never quite managed. I seem to have the misfortune of every single plan I ever make to fail horribly. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has ever gone as I wanted. Everything I did succeed at was either happy randomstance or teeth-and-claws fighting for it.

So this list has the magical quality of both motivating and demotivating me. But I guess, maybe, if I actually share it with people I might get more motivation to actually get things done. Or at least I hope it does

Because as I`m sure you guys have noticed, I have difficulties with getting things done lately. In fact, I have done absolutely nothing but work, sleep, hang out with my housemates, and hang around on Tumblr and Facebook. I am still struggling with just about everything, and now that I`m scheduled to work until midnight just about every day I`m just too tired to try and do anything else.

So here`s to hoping this`ll work! Also, I`d love to see other people`s Life Goals list. Let`s inspire each other, y/y?


Life Goals (In No Particular Order):
-watch the sunrise at Macchu Picchu
-watch the aurora at the Northern circle in Norway
-make an actual movie
-go to San Diego Comic Con
-learn to fly a helicopter
-do a world tour
-see a Ghibli movie in a Japanese cinema
-visit Disneyland


I`m relatively sure I have more life goals, but these are the ones I can think of when I`m sad and frustrated at work, so I guess they`re the most important ones.

Let me know what you have on your bucket list! 

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One Response to Life goals

  1. *hugs* ya know we (your housemates and friends) are here to support you and catch you when one of your plans fail, right? And if you’ll allow is, we might be able to guide the plan in a different direction together 🙂 there are more roads to Rome, after all ❤

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