Weird things people say to students of japanese

Oh right, videos. Still making those. Sometimes. In fact, I released one into the wild today.
It took me a month, between this one and the previous one. The reasons for that, well, they`re basically talked about in said previous video. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, all of that intervening. In fact, this video was supposed to have been made a week earlier, but I ended up with a complete, totally dramatic, “what the fuck is even happening” mental breakdown. I almost stopped making videos. Almost gave up. I just didn`t see the point anymore. Never mind that it`s been my dream for several years now to make videos/movies. I just didn`t want to do it anymore.

But I guess, strangely, that I needed that breakdown. I needed to completely crack, in order to rebuild from scratch. Because truth be told, and though I am careful in saying this, but I`ve felt much, much better this past week. I`m not perfectly okay, far from it, but I`ve been better.

And so this video came to be! I did start planning it pre-breakdown, but I still like how it turned out. It`s not perfect, there`s things I could have done better (ever the picky, perfectionist one, aren`t I), but since I know myself and I`m never going to be fully satisfied with anything I make, here it is.

This video is very truthful, to be honest. It might seem ridiculous, but I didn`t think of any of these questions myself. They are all, 100% all of them, actual things actual people have actually asked me. That`s including the Chinese medicine one. One of my friends laughed at that question, and when I told her someone actually asked me that, she laughed even harder. I`m still not sure if she believes me.

It was my mom who asked me, by the way. In my first year of college. I am still not sure if I am entertained or horrified by this question.

There`s a lot more I could say about the questions and comments I get. They range from amusing, interesting, to downright horrifying. But I`ll save that for another time.

For now, I`d just be glad if people like this video. So let me know what you think? And if you want, let me know if you get strange questions like the ones in my video, too! Feel free to leave a comment here or on the video. I won`t bite, I promise.

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