2 for 1: Photography series//healthy food series- baking edition



I`m not much of a baker. I`m not that much of a sweet tooth as it is, but actually making it myself? It`s rare.

I used to bake a lot, when I was young. Me and my sister used to bake every Wednesday afternoon because we were both off from school. We even had our own special recipe: chocolate M&M cake. These afternoons were also where I learned most of my hair things like different styles in braiding and ponytails and things like that.

But my sister moved on to study in a different city, I moved on to high school, and I just kind of stopped baking. Ignoring some attempts that failed horribly (I remember a cake looking more like swamp mud than actual cake), I didn`t do much baking until sometime last year-ish. I just couldn`t be bothered.

Lately though, I have been baking more. Living with a bunch of sweet tooths helps. They made me like sweet things more, too.

But as the more avid readers of my blog will know, I have a lot of interest in (and difficulty with) eating healthy. My body just doesn`t seem to be able to handle very much, and I need to be careful all the time about what I put in it. As such, regular sweets with their high amounts of fats and sugar will be enjoyable for me on a short notice, but oh does my body make me regret it later when I crash down from the inevitably high sugar rush.

I`m very lucky in having friends that are very careful about their food, too. And that is how the amount of food and snacks on the picture above came to be.

Because one of my closest friends, she`s vegetarian/bordering on vegan, eats biological, and she eats sugarfree. I`m also pretty sure I forgot some requirements there, and as it turned out, there are LOADS of vegan-friendly sugarfree sweets recipes out there, and we had been talking about doing a sugarfree-party at some point. And this was it!

The best part, for me, aside from it all being vegetarian and sugar free, was that almost all of it was also dairy-free. As a mild lactose intolerant this made me very happy, too. There`s only some milk in the small scones (bottom right), but that`s it.

Suffice to say that, combined with my housemates, most of the stack was gone within a day.

If anyone here is looking into healthier foods, but doesn`t want to give up sweets, some of these might be good for you. Feel free to ask anytime, I know a lot of sugar free recipes.

This photograph was also one of the tests with my new camera. It shows that I`m really very used to taking pictures of food, doesn`t it.

(from top left, clockwise:
-raw cashew nut + something jelly like I forgot, shaped into small balls
-Dutch appelflappen (apple turnover) with walnut
-scones with cherry jam
-banana + chocolate chip + coconut + oatmeal cookies)

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