The times they are a-changing

First of all: as of Wednesday, I have 50 followers on this blog! That`s more than I`ve ever had, and I`m really happy (and all kinds of surprised) that there are 50 people who think it`s worth to follow me and read my ramblings. That`s more than Jesus had when he started! Big thank you to all of you!


I`m going to use this opportunity for some announcements:

First off, I have some big plans for the next couple of months! Nothing`s set and final yet, but there might be a new YouTube channel dedicated to more geeky videos, sketches, documentaries, that kind of stuff. As in, the type of video I want to make for a living, so I need a practice channel. So look forward to that!

Secondly, I am currently in the process of writing scripts for the aforementioned new channel. One of them is a documentary on life during and after the zombie apocalypse. I`m hoping to start shooting this next month, and I may or may not (as of yet undecided) turn it into a Zombie Week somewhere in august.

Third: on a more personal note, I have taken up my own advice and went to a doctor yesterday to get referred to a therapist. It only took a couple of minutes for the doctor to send me through, which I would be worried about if I wasn`t disassociating for the past week or two. My doctor also mentioned “existential crisis”, which did slightly amuse me. There`s currently a waiting list of one or two weeks, but they`ll call me when they have a free spot. So yey, progress.

Fourth: still on a personal note, I have decided to drop job hunting for a while. I have been searching for a job for almost 1,5 year by now, and have been wholly unsuccessful. Instead of a good job, I ended up breaking down at a call centre, which doesn`t do anyone any good whatsoever. So instead of finding a better job, I have decided to go travelling for hopefully the remainder of the year, starting somewhere in September. I am not 100% sure yet where I`ll be going (depends on my budget), but I will be going. This does of course have some consequences for this blog, and I will think about what direction this blog will go into. Or maybe I won`t think about it and just let things run its course. I haven`t decided yet. Either way, it won`t happen until September so no worries until then!


That`s it! Expect a new book review soon, as I finished the Guardians book within two days, and I have some topics waiting to be turned into a blogpost.

Thank you all for being here with me! 

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