About Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who

I`m sure everyone and their mothers (or maybe especially their mothers, considering the show is 50 years old) have heard by now that Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor, is leaving Doctor Who.

I was, as everyone else, a bit shocked by this announcement. As far as I was aware, Matt had been confirmed for season 8, so this announcement came a bit sudden.

I do feel sad to see him go. I came into the Doctor Who fandom when he was already Doctor, even if I did start with Chris Eccleston and made my way through the series in chronological order (as ironic as that may be with a show about time travel).

He was the first Doctor I saw. I love Chris, yes. I thought Chris was an amazing Doctor, but his time on the show felt very “LOOK AT US, WE`RE BRINGING THE DOCTOR BACK, AWW YISS.” Everything still needed explaining and it felt very, well, childish. I am aware it`s a children`s show, but it was just very noticeable with this season.

Then David Tennant came, and though he, again, was an amazing Doctor, I couldn`t help but keep being reminded about the hype around him. Everyone loves David, and his reputation by now precedes him. As such, I felt I couldn`t fully enjoy him as Doctor, even if he was a very good one.

Matt Smith though, was for me the first time I could truly and honestly sit back and watch the actual Doctor. He`s such a perfect Doctor. Wise, dangerous, but childish at the same time. He gave an extra edge to the Doctor, that hint of darkness always ready to hit in full when needed. It took some time for me to get used to Matt. He was so different from the other two, so nothing like anything I`d seen yet. And after the long time with David, it took me a very long time to get used to Matt. But once I did? Let`s just say that to me, Matt Smith is the perfect embodiment of the Doctor.

I`m going to be sad to see him go. I really will miss him.

But, I will also readily admit I`m excited for the new Doctor. This is going to be the first time I`ll be in the fandom when it happens, that I have to wait for it and get to witness all the excitement and speculating going around. It makes me feel all bubbly and excited too, getting to see it all. And I`m so curious about who`s going to be the next Doctor!

I do hope it`s going to be a very unknown actor, someone who I don`t know from anywhere else. I want to be surprised at this new actor, the new changes he brings with him to the character and the show as a whole. I`m looking forward to getting used to the new Doctor and thinking “this is the perfect Doctor”, like everyone before him was too.

I do wish Matt Smith all the best. He was an amazing Doctor, and he`ll be amazing at whatever he undertakes next (I heard some rumours about directing gigs coming up for him). Good luck!

And a bit in advance (he won`t be here until December): welcome to the new Doctor, whoever you may be! You`ve got some very big shoes to fill, but if previous casting by this show is anything to go by, you`ll be fine.

For now, I`m mostly going to look forward to Matt`s final two episodes. 50th anniversary, anyone? Valeyard? John Hurt? We have some very exciting times coming indeed. Bring it on!

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