Book review: World War Z (Max Brooks)

Title: World War Z
Author: Max Brooks
Rating: 5/5 stars



World War Z is one of those books that`s considered a prime example of a genre. In this case, zombie apocalypse genre. Let`s be honest: anyone with even a vague interest in zombies, either will have read this or knows about it (and should read it).

The author, Max Brooks, is also known for his Zombie Survival Guide, a book that I read quite a while ago (and will take with me in case of apocalypse if I have the chance).

This book, as a collection of stories of what happened in the (thankfully fictional) zombie war, has a lot of very interesting and unique points most other zombie books don`t have. For starters, there`s the fact that this is a collection of stories of what happened. It`s a range of interviews, with interviewees from all over the world, interwoven to tell a chronological story of what happened. As such, it`s not as much a book about a zombie apocalypse, but more about the human mind and psyche and what such absolute horrors can do to people.

The book is very realistic in this aspect. I can see governments react like this, but I can especially see how people, individuals, react the way they do. It`s eerily well worked out, to the point where you almost believe this is all true and actual history.

Admittedly, this amount of detail and all the different interviews, the constant switching between countries and people and the roles they played, can get a bit tedious and even on the boring side at times. It can get very hard to keep track of who did what, and where. They`ll often reference each other, but I have a feeling I didn`t pick up on a lot of the references because I just didn`t remember enough from what happened earlier in the book.

Luckily, it`s really just a tiny bit tedious. At times.

Most of the time it`s perfectly readable and easy to get through. Gross and terrifying, yes. Disturbing, yes. But it`s still an easy read, and a very interesting one at that. There`s some really great insights in strategic and/or military moves (using entire cities as bait? Cruel, but efficient), there`s a lot of information about weapons, the effect of different environments on zombies, and basically a lot of information I`ll do my best to remember if something happens. Even if it`s not zombie related.

So if you`re interested in zombies, and even more interested in the human response to zombies and/or war and/or apocalypse, then this is a definite must-read.

If you`re not interested in any of those, you should probably still read this for sheer survival information. No harm in being prepared, right? After all, they do say that if you`re prepared for a zombie apocalypse you`re prepared for anything. Count me in as a survivor. I have my plans ready. And you?

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2 Responses to Book review: World War Z (Max Brooks)

  1. Books, Tea & Me says:

    Great review! I loved the book too and definitely wasn’t expecting it to be so good. If you get a chance, take a look at my own review for it here:

    • Thanks! I read your review too, it seems we`re pretty much on the same line here when it comes to this book. I agree with you that many of the stories shared the same tone and voice. I put it down to everything being written by the same author, but I like your explanation of going through something this terrifying that it makes everyone a bit more blank.

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