Movie review: Warm Bodies



Warm Bodies, based on the book by Isaac Marion (of which I did a review here), is a movie about zombies who look and act like proper zombies on the outside, but turn out to have a whole range of emotions and philosophical thoughts inside. Or at least R does.

I read the book a while ago, which I loved to bits. It wasn`t a-ma-zing, it wasn`t groundbreaking, but it was definitely entertaining and fun.

The film was a bit less all of that.

In all honesty, the film was enough “less of all that”, that I`ve been avoiding to write and post this review.

I have to be fair, it was a pretty good book adaptation, as book-to-film adaptations generally go. It`s funny, the casting is done very well, the scenery is most of the time almost exactly like how I imagined it when reading the book. Even when trying to forget about the book and focusing just on the movie, it kept me entertained for its (admittedly short) run.

That doesn`t leave it without faults though. Because while I liked the book, the film felt very neutral to me. Looking back, I feel almost like there was a kind of “we don`t actually care so whatever” feel about it. There wasn’t a feeling like that when watching it, but it`s still just not very memorable.

There was no real excitement in the movie. The action scenes were okay, the drama was not particularly dramatic, the great ending was mostly an okay ending.

I think what it lacked, was all the explanations from the book. The movie tried its best to explain some of the things, but mostly it just left out the very soul of the book. It left out a lot of the explaining, the reasoning behind things, the whole point of the book, and turned it into something enjoyable-while-it-lasts, but overall very flat and unimportant.

Having seen it, I have to (painfully) admit I might understand why it`s been pulled from the cinemas. I know I shouldn`t compare it to the book, but I will anyway because it just doesn`t compare.

Still, I might just be picky, as I`ve heard a lot of people say very good things about this movie, too. And if you`re just in it for an entertaining two hours and not much more, then by all means do watch it.

But just don`t forget to read the book, too, because otherwise you`ll be missing out on a lot.

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