Sunshine blogger award



I`m not used to getting awards. At all. In fact, I don`t think I`ve ever gotten an award like, ever.

So when I got a “Sunshine Blogger Award” earlier this week from my awesome housemate Chindividual, I first asked him if this was real or if it was a virus spamming me through his name. I seriously thought it was a virus. Much to my delight, it turned out to actually be an award. Thanks, bro!

So apparently, the Sunshine Blogger Award is an award dedicated to those who positively and creatively inspire other people in the blogosphere (is that an actual word? Wow).

Now this wouldn`t be the internet, if it didn`t come with a set of rules, too. Darn. The rules are as follows: 

  • I have to use the award logo in a post or somewhere on this site.
  • I have to include a link back to the person who gave this nice flower to me. 
  • I have to offer ten pieces of random information about myself.
  • I have to nominate ten other bloggers who deserve this nice award.
  • And finally, I have to let my nominees know about their nomination

2-Well, already done so in this post, but here we go again anyway. Thanks, Chindividual!
3-See list below.
4-See list below. Again. Unfortunately, I only follow about 4 blogs? Three of which have already gotten this award, but I`m just going to give it to them again. I`ll also use this as an opportunity for you guys to link me to awesome blogs you think I`ll like. I could use some more blogs to follow!
5-Will do!


So, those ten random pieces of information about me:

1)I am a tea addict. No really. I`ll feel horrible and sad until I have tea. I don`t like fruity teas though, definitely a herb tea girl.
2)I have this strange thing where the sounds of other people eating (and the sound of their cutlery) sounds VERY loud to me, up to a point where it can make me cry or run away. It`s called misophonia, and you can read more about it here
3)I love turtles. They`re my favourite animal. I love how they look like grumpy old men.
4)My idea of a perfect night out is in a room filled with books, with big chairs and sofa`s around a table, a group of friends, some rum/whiskey, and discussions about random (deep or not) topics.
5)I watch Doctor Who as if it`s a religion. In a way, I suppose it is.
6)I ate udon so often in Japan, always at the same restaurant, that at one point all I had to do was walk in, and the woman at the pay desk would already shout my order to the guy filling the bowls. I still eat udon on a regular basis (i.e. twice a week, roughly).
7)My favourite movie is Catch Me If You Can.
8)Technically, I suppose I`m pansexual, though in all honesty I think there`s more important things to worry about than which gender I fall for. I also believe the world would be a much better place if more people thought like that.
9)My favourite music to sing along to is R&B & Disney. I love songs with big voices and long hauls, and I really enjoy trying to reach those notes.
10)I`ve written fiction on and off since high school. In fact, I once let my English teacher read a fanfic I write (oh god the horror when thinking back). He liked it so much he wanted to try to publish it. To this day, I`m still not sure if he was trying to motivate me or if he really meant it.


New nominees for this award! Like I said, I don`t follow that many blogs, so here are the ones I think really deserve this award:
The Chindividual 
The Hand That Mocked Them 


Again, thanks for the award! Here`s to a brighter future!

And like I said, if you have any blogs you want to recommend to me, let me know! 

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