Photography series: part 4 – about photography and video making


You see that table? Yes? That`s the kitchen table in my house. That box in the right corner was delivered to my house today. And that huge camera smack in the middle of the photo? MINE. It`s a Canon EOS 600D, a digital SLR camera, and essentially a wish I`ve had for years coming true.

I`ve always liked photography. I`ve had people ask me why on earth I didn`t become a photographer. I`m perfectly capable of hurrying to work, and then stopping somewhere along the way to make a picture of something. I`ve even managed 700+ photos in one day, although that was in Japan. Does that even count?

Anyway, I`ve never had an actual proper camera like this, even though I`ve wanted one for years.

So what does this mean for you guys?

Well, with some (okay, a lot) of luck, work, and time, this will mean better photographs, and a new style of videos!

You see, this camera can also record HD videos, and I figured I want to use it for something else than just me talking. I`ve been wanting to do different videos for a while now, but I`ve been mostly dependent on the webcam that`s integrated in my laptop. Sure, I have my phone, but the options on that are pretty limited. This camera is giving me a whole new range of options with better quality to boot.

I`m not 100% sure yet on what kind of videos I want to make and whether or not they`re really realistic to make. I might need to make some other changes, too. I do have some plans and ideas, but they all might take a while. Especially now that I have a job that takes up a lot of my time. It did pay for this camera though, so that`s a good thing at least.

So the big question for now is: what am I going to do in my videos? Should I continue doing vlogs? Should I do documentary-style short videos? Science? Sketches? All of the above?  Keeping in mind that I might have the camera (and the digital storage space) now, I still rely on Windows Movie Maker for editing, which in turn limits my options to an almost ridiculous point.

All I know for now, is that adventure lies ahead and I have no idea what the future is going to bring. So who`s with me on this journey? Let me know! (And if you have any ideas or something you want me to make, let me know too!)

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