Blue raincoat

Something a bit different today. I just felt like writing some fiction, so I wrote another tiny interlude for the fic I wrote in april for camp nano, and I decided to share it. 

This is really just me experimenting in writing more elaborately. I have a tendency (especially in fiction) to just state what`s going on. There`s hardly any good descriptions, or any of the type of sentences that make good books good. So this was a bit of practice, for me, in writing better sentences. Let me know how I did? 

(summary of the background: Hel and Seraphina are the daughters of Loki and Pitch. They`re also really good friends.)


Seraphina was lying in the middle of a field, arms spread above her head, when Hel found her. She was smiling as the rain fell down on her face and her bared stomach. The blue raincoat Hel had bought her a while ago was nowhere in sight. Hel would have sighed at the sight of her friend lying in the grass like this, her nose scrunching up in worry for her dear friend, if it wasn`t for the fact that Seraphina is the one who made it rain in the first place. And if there`s anyone who doesn`t get sick, it`s Fina.

So instead, Hel walked over to her friend and crouched next to her. She prodded Fina`s stomach, still hiding beneath her red umbrella.

“Come lie here,” Fina whispered. Hel heard her perfectly despite the pounding of the rain on her umbrella. “The rain feels great, you know.” Hel looked at Fina for a moment, at her languid smile still remaining.
“I don`t want to ruin this new dress, thank you very much,” Hel replied. It was true – she did just buy this dress and she was very fond of it and would prefer not to get mud on it. She could easily get rid of any dirt with the right spell, but she preferred not having to use magic in the first place. Her magic was for keeping charge of her world, not for keeping clothing clean.

“I just came to see if,” Hel`s voice hitched for a moment, remembering what had happened. “If you`re better,” she finished in a whisper. Seraphina slowly opened her eyes, turning her gaze to Hel`s. She had a strange look in her eyes, as if she was very far away and everywhere at the same time. Hel wasn`t sure if Seraphina was really there with her at the moment. Then again, with mother nature, you could never be quite sure.

“I`m fine. Thank you though, Hel. For your care.” Seraphina extended a hand towards Hel, who took it, unsure of what her friend was going to do with it. For a moment, Hel was struck by the contrast in colour between Seraphina`s pale skin and the bright green grass underneath it. She could almost see the sky`s reflection in the droplets running off of Seraphina`s arm, dripping onto the grass reluctantly as if they didn`t want to let go of the exquisite creature they had had the great fortune of landing on.

The moment passed.

Hel pulled Seraphina to her feet. Fina`s green dress (Hel did tell her countless times she should change the colour of her dress) swished around her ankles, mimicking the long black hair falling down past her shoulders.

“Come. I hear our fathers have attempted to cook.” Hel pulled Seraphina`s arm softly, urging her to come with her.
“I think Rapunzel will have done damage control, so do not worry, dear friend,” but Seraphina let herself be pulled along, her feet falling in step with Hel`s.

She was still smiling. Hel could see a small clearing appear amongst the clouds. She smiled too.

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