About pampering myself

About pampering myself

I`m not one to pamper myself. At least not in the typical “girl” way of crèmes and chocolate and chick flicks and make-up and nailpolish. My idea of pampering myself usually means to buy a new book or DVD or making time to watch a new TV show (the most recent one here being Hannibal). I just never considered it my “thing” to sit around with face masks and cucumber.

But, in my ever ongoing quest of self-improvement, I decided to try and pamper myself in a new way. Because honestly, for how much I care about food, and about what I put into my mind, my taking care of my skin and hair is abysmal at best. I use shampoo, and make-up remover, and that`s it really. I decided this needs to change. My skin is literally what keeps me together, so I figured it deserves more attention.

So off I went today to Lush.

Lush, as I`m sure most of you know, is a shop that sells creams and shampoo and soap and the like. Cosmetics, in one word. It`s all natural, freshly made, and conscious of toxics, against animal testing, against fur. It`s basically everything I stand for.

And that`s how I ended up with 17 euros less, but these two tiny jars in my possession. One of them is a face/skin mask, the other one is a mask for my feet (because if I took bad care of my skin, my feet are even worse off). The tiny jar is a free shampoo sample they gave me. They literally asked me if I would like a free sample of something, I said “sure, of what?”, and they told me I could pick whatever I wanted. I ended up with this shampoo on their recommendation.

I tried the face/skin mask and the shampoo earlier, and I`m going to have to admit to it: I think I might understand why this is so popular. I`m a big fan of anything with herbs, and even just the smell of all those herbs in the shower made me very happy and relaxed. It made me feel a bit like I was in the shower from Howl`s Moving Castle, you know the one from the Ghibli movie with all the colours and jars? For some reason it felt like that.

But my skin is all soft and tingly now, I feel really relaxed, and I think I might end up doing this much, much more often. Especially now that I`m on a less strict budget since I have a job. And with this job I`m going to need all that relaxing.

The box in the back, by the way, is a box of Korean cookies that consist of two soft cakes with a layer of cream between them, and the whole is covered in chocolate. I`ve known about them for years, but they`ve always been hard to find. So when I was at the Asian supermarket earlier to pick up some gyoza skins and Japanese curry, and I saw these, I just had to bring a pack. If I`m going to pamper myself, might as well do it right.

So what does everyone else here do to pamper themselves? Or do any of you have any recommendations for me? Maybe a Lush product I should really try the next time? Let me know down in the comments!

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