Book review: The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

Title: The Great Gatsby
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Rating: 4/5 stars

*Please note that this is a book review, and not a movie review. I can`t do the movie review yet as it`s not out yet at the time of writing 😉

**I also did my best to keep this review spoilerfree, even if I fully realise that the book is, oh, 90 years old now? It`s had plenty of time to get around. But still, I somehow ended up with a spoilerfree review. If you do see a spoiler though, let me know, as I might not realise sometimes if something is spoilery.


The Great Gatsby. The great American novel, the classic.

I have to admit it straight away: I was surprised by how much I liked this book. I have this image of literature and classics (specifically classic literature), a horrible image really, that mostly consists of long-winding sentences with difficult words, storylines that keep spinning away from the plot, and just overall lots of pages with tiny letters that make me groan in advance. I`m a child of the modern age okay. While I`m okay with challenging myself, I read for fun and I mostly enjoy books that are easier to read.

So when I bought this one at the huge book fest in town (2 euro! How could I *not* buy it), I was a bit hesitant. I`d been wanting to read it, yes. I`d heard about the movie, I have that strange romanticism of the jazz age too, and I`d heard a lot about the book.

But this book is a classic, it`s literature. It`s American too, which I`m not in case you didn`t notice, so the term “American” isn`t always a good thing for me. And the fact that so much emphasis is put on this book being AMERICAN, slightly put me off before I even read it.

So with some apprehension, I started this book. And I couldn`t put it down until I finished it the next day. It actually really is very good.

There`s several things about this book that surprised me:

One thing that surprised me is how easy this book is to read. The use of language is very easy and pleasant, the dialogue is quick and interesting, and the book doesn`t really waste that much space on long-winding descriptions of unimportant things (something a lot of classic authors seem to struggle with. I`m looking at you, Victor Hugo). This alone made the book so much more enjoyable.

What also surprised me was the plot. It`s set in the jazz age, the 20`s, yes. But the story is so easily recognisable, so easily transferable to the modern age, it could just as well have been set in 2013.

But finally, this book just really interested me. It got me hooked. The story was actually interesting, there were twists in the plot that I honestly did not see coming. At all.

And although, like I said, I`m not often particularly fond of classics (I will readily admit that I much prefer reading YA or even children`s books), I will recommend The Great Gatsby to anyone. It`s a marvellous read, and worth putting your time into.

So why not 5 out of 5 stars? Because I liked it, yes. It`s worth your time, yes. And I`m definitely willing to read it again sometime. But absolutely adore it like I do with some other books I`ve read recently? No. 4 out of 5 stars it is. 

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