Long live the king!

In my new video that I uploaded yesterday, I talked about the Dutch monarchy and why I like having a monarchy.

I`d like to go into the topic a bit deeper here. Consider it a very late response to the TALK topic?

So yeah, the monarchy. Let`s talk about monarchies in general. Because in all honesty, I do see the points that republicans make. I fully understand all arguments made against the monarchy. Having a royal family is expensive, they`re leaders that have not been chosen democratically, they do have power. It may not be political power, they don`t have the possibility of changing actual laws, but they do have a certain power over the public which can go round circle back to politics if used in the right (or wrong, depending) way.

And to be very honest, I do agree with these points. I too think royal families cost much more money than they should (in fact, the Dutch monarchy is allegedly the most expensive one in Europe, earning about 8 times as much as the Spanish king each year). That`s ridiculous to say the least. Being a family, they`re obviously not chosen democratically and I do see the problem with that. And that amount of power they have? Yes, I do wonder about that.

But while I agree with these points, I still like having a monarchy. It`s admittedly for a large part due to the fairy-tale like feeling of having a king and a queen, heavily influenced by Disney. I`m a child in that way, and I do realise this is a silly reason to like having a monarchy but it`s my main reason.

But, like I said in the video, I also like how having a royal family gives an entire nation a mother, a father, a brother, a teenager, children, love, weddings, you name it. They`re celebrities on a whole different level, literally born into the role and growing up with the whole nation watching. It creates a bond, it gives so many opportunities for celebration. I absolutely love the idea of a whole nation celebrating the birth of a child. I love how a whole nation celebrates the birthday of someone they consider their mother. I love how it brings everyone together. I love how it`s something positive, what a buzz it creates. We need more positivity in this world, so why not keep something that`s already here anyway and has strong ties to the country?

There`s a lot of practical advantages to having a royal family too: aside from having a non-political ambassador who has been trained to do so their entire life, we also shouldn`t forget the amount of job opportunities created this way. Think of everything needed to keep a royal family going: the guards, the press representatives, the public relations, the organisers, the committees, the teachers, just to name some. In a time with unemployment rates going higher and higher, we should be glad there`s a family that needs so much staff to provide this. And think of all the merchandise, the press, the magazines, the tv shows, the tourism. We need some very good replacement before we go and cancel the monarchy, even if just because of the jobs we`ll lose. In this economy? Let`s keep them where they are.

I do agree that they should earn less though. The royal family gets paid through the taxes the citizens pay. And while I understand they earn more than most of us, that makes sense. After all, they didn`t choose to be royalty, and a royal family simply is very expensive. Comes with the territory. But it can still be toned down. We could use that money to, oh, I don`t know, fund research centers? Build hospitals? The possibilities are endless. In fact, I`d probably like the royal family even more if they`d spend a lot of their money this way anyway.

So let me know what you guys think about monarchies! Feel free to leave a comment here or on my video.

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