Book review: Horseradish (Lemony Snicket)

Title: Horseradish
Author: Lemony Snicket
Rating: 3/5 stars

*This is the type of book you can`t really spoiler, because there`s not just the one singular story, but it`s a collection of phrases and sayings and the occasional short story. Still, if you really don`t want to know, then don`t read? I guess?


Right. Horseradish. Here`s one book that was…entirely unexpected. I`d been thinking about buying it for a while, having read some quotes from it on Goodreads, but I never really did.

That is, until the annual “Book Fest” came to town again. At this book fest, they sell thousands of books, for ridiculously low prices. I bought 10 books, I think, and they only cost me 30 euro in total. The most expensive book in the bunch was 4,50 euro. So with prices like that, you can go wild. And that`s how I got this one, too.

It was a quick read, too. I started on the bus home from the book fest, and by the time I finished dinner I had also finished the book.

Still, it was really quite enjoyable to read. Not so much for the story, because there isn`t one as it`s a collection of sayings, quotes, and one-page stories, all meant to show a “valuable life lesson”. But it was still entertaining, and sometimes way more deep than I had anticipated at first. I mostly expected humour and ridicule, but sometimes? This book strangely made me go “huh” and think about things for a while.

I wouldn`t actually order it specifically from anywhere though, or go looking for it. In the end I`m glad I bought it at the book fest, as I`m quite sure I would be very disappointed if I`d ordered it and gone through trouble for specifically this book.

But I`m still happy to have it, and to have read it. And should I ever get a coffee table that needs quick and easy reads to entertain guests, this one might just show up there. Other than that? A pretty addition to the bookshelves and something to just browse through every now and then. 

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