General update: April

Regular blogpost! Oh wow. There`s not many of those lately, is there. Here`s why:

So basically, my life has been turned upside down the past month. Aside from blogging, vlogging, and campnano, (you know, the usual), I now have a new job. It`s almost fulltime, and has the strangest hours. The first three weeks have been extremely chaotic, and I barely even had time to prepare. Literally. I got called for an interview on a Thursday, the interview was the next day, and I started Monday. It`s been three weeks since then, and considering I`d spend several months mostly at home, it`s been quite the change to go to fulltime all of a sudden. There`s been a complete information overkill, causing me to completely zone out most of the time. Ask the people around me, I`ve been useless. I actually stopped understanding language at one point, because my brain literally couldn`t handle the stress, the insecurity of everything, the chaos, the information dump, and the consequential insomnia. Trying to blog in a time like that? Not a good idea.

But! Luckily, I`m starting to settle in now, work is going okay-ish at least, and money should start coming in soon ,which means I can pay my rent and actually buy new things without feeling too guilty about it. And on top of that, campnano is finished (I won! I made it to my 35000 word count goal!).

All in all, while I have some adjusting to do still, and there`s more going on than just this but I won`t bore you with all the details of my life, but I should slowly start picking up things with this blog and my vlog again. Good news, y/y?

In fact, I am currently preparing the next three (!) book reviews, there`s a video very slowly on its way, and with some luck I`ll have a new movie review soon as well.

So thank you all for being patient with me, and while I won`t promise anything, I do hope I can pick things back up again now.

See you guys around real soon!

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