Movie review: Iron Man 3


WARNING: NOT SPOILER FREE. Stay away if you don`t want to be spoilered. Don`t say I didn`t warn you. Okay? We good? Good.

So last night I went to see the new Iron Man movie, aptly called Iron Man 3 (Iron Man does not take your “Dark World” and “Into Darkness” bullshit). This is not just part 3 in the IM franchise, it is also the first installment of phase 2, the new post-Avengers phase.

Now I`m just going to leave out the summary, as it`s pretty much the usual struggling hero faces world-threatening villain. But luckily for everyone, there`s a lot more to this movie than just that plot.

A large part of the film actually builds on the post-Avengers story. It clearly shows that Tony Stark, for all his macho behaviour, his apparent arrogance and bravado, is actually still a human being who can be hurt, who has gone through a lot of very traumatising experiences and did not make it out entirely okay. There`s an aftermath,  a big one, and I like that about the film. No one just moves on like nothing happened and “oh well the world goes on”. No, people still talk about it, it`s still a sensitive subject, people are still working to give it all a place and deal with it. And that includes Tony Stark himself.

But I`ll get back to that later. First off, I just want to say that as a pretty loyal IM/Marvel movies fan, I`m terribly biased and will just love the movies anyway. I go in excited, and I leave even more excited, and that`s how it goes every time. This was no different.

But truth of the matter simply is that this is a very good movie. The dialogue is witty, sarcastic, quick to the punch, and everything you expect from IM and more. The action sequences are absolutely spectacular, there are twists and turns in this movie that I didn`t see coming, and it was overall just edge-of-the-seat exciting and really awesome in every sense of the word.

But of course, every movie has its flaws, and Iron Man 3 is certainly no exception. So I do have some criticisms, although I do feel a need to point out again that I LOVE THIS MOVIE TO BITS, and am thinking of going to see it again, oh, next week or so.

Still, a couple of criticisms:

1)Maya Hansen: no really, I sort of get why she was in the movie, but I think her story could have been done much better. I guess giving her story more time would have taken time away from Tony and Pepper, who were definitely the most important (obviously), but for someone who does serve a vital role in a story she could have gotten a bit more attention in my opinion.

2)Tony`s PTSD/Anxiety: I`m a bit torn between two opinions on this one. On the one hand I definitely appreciate the fact Tony even has severe anxiety attacks in the first place. After everything he`s been through, this isn`t more than normal. And I like how they put so much focus on mental illness by giving anxiety to one of the most popular characters in the world right now.
On the other hand, I`m not sure if I like the specific way they handled the anxiety. Yes, they gave Tony anxiety/panic attacks, but they made it out to seem like something that`s merely annoying and can be solved by someone telling you to please go distract yourself. At one point it was even almost derogatory, in a “I hope you don`t go spazzing out on me,”  “I hope so too” type of conversation. And while it`s realistic, these type of conversations and reactions do happen, it still kind of bothered me. After all, severe anxiety isn`t just fixed by someone telling you to go do your hobby/work. It takes time and effort

Still though, for a movie with intricate details and storylining like this one, only having two criticisms seems like quite the achievement to me.

Because in the end, this movie isn`t actually about the Mandarin, it`s not about Aldrich Killian. It`s not about fighting evil guys. It`s about fighting those parts of yourself that bother you in everyday life. It`s about your own demons, and defeating those. It`s about dealing with everyday life after you`ve been through life-changing situations.

So let me know what you guys thought! Did you like it? Did you not like it? Why? Anything else that bothered you, or that you found especially well done? Let me know down in the comments! I love me a good discussion 😉 

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