Camp Nano novel excerpt

As I`ve said several times before, I`m currently joining Camp NaNoWriMo, the big challenge to write a novel in one month. Specifically, this month, April.

But as I don`t think I`ve shared anything from the novel I`m writing except for an interlude, I thought I`d post a tiny fragment that I wrote literally just now. It`s really only a tiny fragment, but let me know what you guys think anyway!

Please do note that there might be weird grammar and sentences in there, as I haven`t checked yet. It`s NaNo, you just write without worrying about things like that during NaNo 😉

Also note that the story is set in a different world. According to my novel, all mythological creatures (which includes some fairy tale characters too) live in a different world and just come to visit us in this world. So it`s almost a kind of Wonderland/Neverland type of thing that`s going on. Just saying because it`s relevant to this excerpt.


The road they travelled was a much nicer road than the path Sophie used to get through the forest and to the sea. It was slightly elevated, which might have made Barbossa grumble about bandits and robberies, but it also gave Sophie the opportunity to look out over the scenery a bit better. Often it was all hidden by trees, but sometimes the trees would clear out to show huge fields with squares of different coloured flowers and mills in the back. Sometimes she would see the mountain range in the back, the tops of them covered in snow or clouds. Once there was a small field with little houses, and what seemed to be cherry blossom trees everywhere, except they weren`t only pink but had all the colours you could think of.

The one scene Sophie liked best though, was the lake. They passed a giant lake, that had a slight purple tinge to it, and it looked as if stars were reflected in it even in broad daylight. They stopped for a short while here to eat and refresh, and Sophie couldn`t help but curse herself for not having a photo camera here. The lake looked like the galaxy, except on earth.
It was surrounded by green sides, and a couple of willows were growing along the edges, their tips dangling in the water like a child would dangle its feet in summer.

Sophie stretched, and yawned. She felt so at peace here, finally calming down after all the crazy things that had happened since she got here.

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