Thoughts for Boston

I am absolutely shocked by the news of the explosives in Boston. It`s a terrible, terrible thing to do, and I hope there won`t be any more casualties. 

Stay safe, everyone. ❤ 

Still though, I would like to ask everyone to try and stay calm and reasonable. Stay indoors if you don`t have to go outside, to make sure both you are safe and well and that the emergency workers can do their jobs and have empty streets to go through instead of hordes of people. 

If you know someone in the area, try reaching them through social media to make sure they`re okay, instead of calling them. Phone lines are down right now, and they`re needed for emergency calls and calls to the police to report more suspicious devices. 

I also want to ask everyone to remember that at a time like this, a lot of rumours and false news reports are send out in to the world. Don`t believe everything you read just yet, but stick to a few, trustworthy news sites and wait until they update. Again, don`t panic. 

Stay safe guys. And help make sure other people can be safe too. Show whoever is responsible that a community can`t be brought down this easily. 

And finally, I urge you all to PLEASE NOT POINT ANY FINGERS YET. It is unknown at this point who is responsible for this. Please do not make any assumptions. The last thing the world needs right now (or at any time, really) is more fights and more victims. Let`s focus on helping the victims instead. 

Possible more reliable news sources:

If you`re close to it, you can also consider donating blood to the Boston American Red Cross, as the hospitals are in dire need of extra blood supplies right now. Link here:

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